Lexus USA Releases Two New IS Commercials

Lexus IS Commercials

Lexus USA has released two new IS commercials today — first up is Intense, and it’s pretty racy:

The second spot is This is Your Move, and it features Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp:

(While I’m not a fan of celebrity guest appearances, I thought Intense brought some real flavor to the IS personality — both are certainly a far cry from the other two launch commercials.)


  1. Is the first one really a lexus USA commercial? Because it isn't in english lol...
  2. It might be worth mentioning that these two adverts are the first of many targeted to the Latino and African-American communities for the 3 IS.
    • Well they both come off extremely sexy compared to the boring standard white. I say keep it up. Also I dont think its targeted to to any group... just because it has a different race of people in the video doesn't mean its then "targeted" to them. Not every actor needs to be caucasian
    • Thought about mentioning it, but believe the commercials should be able to stand on their own merit. Talking about racial targeting is pretty awkward outside of press releases.
  3. The only thing I don't like about the new one is the location of the power/engine start button.. I preferred the old button in the old location..
  4. (the first one)
  5. The Lexus IS should be everything the Lexus ES is not. Bold, aggressive, sexy, fun. These commercials are dripping with these Lexus IS qualities..... BD