Lexus IS Ad Campaign = Illuminati Plot?

Lexus Prison Planet

Website Prison Planet has a very interesting critique of the new Lexus USA IS commercials, suggesting the new ad campaign is “filled with Illuminati symbolism.”

(Little did I know checkerboard dresses were a sign of our Masonic overlords.)

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  1. Just dropped off car at Wilke Lexus for service... 2014 Lexus IS on the lot! They look great in person! Still hoping for a true IS F.
  2. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me. Toyota Motor Corp. is a "President's Circle" member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which has many Illuminati ties..... BD
  3. Jeremy Clarkson wasn't kidding when referring to Lexus' Freemason connections.
  4. BTW, Lexus of Manhattan told me they have an inventory of the new IS in stock, so it looks like July will be the first month, maybe not full month nationwide, but the car will start hitting the streets..... BD
    • I've just visited my local dealer (it's the discovery-weekend in Belgium) and the first car is delivered next week (with the special titanium color).
    • Lets hope its not like the Scion 10 Series FR-S. They were made, delivered from Japan and suppose to hit lots, then all of a sudden dealers didn't know why they weren't showing up, and because they said they were on route to dealers they disappeared from computer system. Sat at port of entry for a month due to a typo on monroney labels.
    • Doubt that's going to happen. :-)
  5. Those conspiracy theory wacos need some shirts with really long sleeves.