Video: New Lexus IS Track Testing

Lexus IS Website Video

The video from the 2014 Lexus IS website that I raved about earlier is now on Youtube:

This video is great on so many levels, and really counterbalances the avant-garde direction of the new IS commercials — taking a chance with the TV spots is much easier when you have something more traditional to back it up.


  1. Now that's what I am talking about. You gotten the praise now lay it on thick...
  2. As I was telling Krew, this is perfect for the summer movies trailers when you go to the theatre. If it isn't playing already before "Man of Steel" starts in the previews, it should be. 90 seconds is a perfect length, and it's entertaining. Would tie-in well with an action movie crowd..... BD
  3. I'm torn between the 2014 IS Fsport, 2013 ISF and GS 350 Fsport!
  4. I just wish they hadn't changed the grill and interior. Otherwise this would be a perfect upgrade. The dashboard just looks like a mixed up mess now.