Lexus USA Updates 2014 IS Website

Lexus IS USA Website

In advance of the car’s arrival in dealerships, Lexus USA has updated their website with the 2014 IS.

Included are the usual photo galleries and specifications, but there’s a new EXPLORE section that can not be missed — in particular, the video at the top of the page is pure fantastic.

Visit the Lexus USA IS website


  1. I expect August to be the first month where everybody will have their full allotment of Lexus IS. I'm expecting 4-5k sales a month for the forseeable future. The first, and last Lexus IS both sold around 55k in their first full year on the market. HOPEFULLY, there are engine upgrades coming in the 2016 model year..... BD
  2. how come there is still no blue on the F sport models...
  3. Wish for us Canadian folks we had a well thought out and informative site like the US version. needs a major overhaul..
  4. Just saw a truck carrying the 2014 Lexus IS to the dealership in Abu Dhabi. I asked the dealership if I can see it and they said not until Tuesday. I asked the sales agent about the price and he said the base model IS 350 is 190,000 AED and the Fsport is 230,000 AED which is around $62,620 USD. What a rip off! Definitely not interested in buying.
  5. Anyone know if the gallery of the previous IS model exterior pics are available anywhere? I was going to download them, but they're all gone now.