Photo Gallery: Lexus LFA #014 Equipped with Fog Lamps

Lexus LFA with HID Fog Lamps

Have something special to share today, here’s the world’s only production Lexus LFA with fog lamps — here are photos from Jorge Jiménez Photography:

This is LFA #014, and it belongs to Javier Quirós of Costa Rica — you may remember him as the owner that did donuts in his newly delivered LFA, but he’s also the president of Purdy Motor (the Toyota distributor in Costa Rica), and one of the Gazoo Racing team drivers that had success in Nürburgring a few years ago.

The actual fog lamps were developed by TOMs for the Nürburgring LFA race cars, and are made from carbon fiber with HID lamps — here are some detail shots:

Special thanks to Javier Quirós, Mauricio Barquero, & Jorge Jiménez for sending these photos over!