The #014 Lexus LFA Arrives in Costa Rica

Lexus LFA #014

The following is an email I received from Purdy Motor employee Mauricio Barquero. Purdy Motor is the Lexus distributor in Costa Rica and is run by Lexus race driver Javier Quirós, who has just taken delivery of his red #014 LFA.

Javier Quirós´ LFA arrived to Costa Rica today. Mr. Quirós is the president of Purdy Motor (Toyota Group distributor in the country) and also he was one of the Gazoo Racing Team drivers which had a great performance in Nurburgring (link) a few years ago. He has the opportunity to race with the LFA #14.

His LFA is red (code 3P0) and the interior is all in black leather with red stitches.

He invited some of his closest friends and closest employees to share with him the opening of the container in which the LFA traveled from Japan. We were very excited. When the container doors were open we saw the back of the LFA and we couldn’t say a word.

Lexus Japan sent the protocol to pull the car out of the container, and slowly the car began to show its stunning figure and great color. We still couldn’t believe the car that we had in front of us. SIMPLE AMAZING !!!!!!

As soon the car was pulled out of the container Mr. Quirós followed the protocol to start the engine and the sound of the engine was like a symphony to the ears.

Loyal to his racing spirit Mr. Quirós decided to celebrate his new purchase making some donuts into the building with his LFA. You could hear the great sound of the engine in each donut that he made. He had a big smile in his face, he was like a kid with a new toy:

Mr. Quirós requested to Mr Akio Toyota that his LFA must be the #14 in the production line, because during his life he have had a lot of racing cars and always use the #14.

(Special thanks to Mauricio for putting all this together, and to Mr. Quirós for his permission to post this.)