Official Photos: 2014 Lexus IS 350 & IS 350 F SPORT

Lexus IS 350 F SPORT

As mentioned yesterday, Lexus released a giant collection of Lexus IS photos — here’s over fifty images of the IS 350 & IS 350 F SPORT:

Lexus IS 350

Lexus IS 350 F SPORT

That ends the official photo galleries from the Lexus press event — I’ll also have some photos to share this weekend with my driving impression of the new IS.


  1. WOW!! That's a nice looking (Lexus F-Sport - RED) Can't wait to see this color in RC-F
  2. Pro: Like the new wheel design on the standard 350 Cons: Anybody else find the Start Button on top of the dash pretty odd? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? BD
    • I have no problem with the Start Button placement. It is in same location as my CT. I have noticed that It makes for a more visible button compared to other Lexus vehicles I've driven (GX, IS). I don't have to lean to one side to see around steering wheel to see if my finger is in right location. But this is personal opinion, and I'm sure it differs among everyone.
    • It's actually a better location for a few reasons. You can start and stop without having to look for it especially if it's your first time in a push to start car. It's placed at an ergonomic location You can easily start/stop the car without having to sit in the driver's seat. Like reaching through the window. If someone is in an accident and incapacitated, it would be extremely difficult for you to get to that button to switch off the car.
    • Yeah HAHAAA that's actually one of my cons as well, the previous gen IS had the start button in a better integrated position..
  3. Why do some models of the F-sport have a single projector headlights?
  4. Why is it that I like the standard more then the F-Sport ?
  5. That Red F-Sport interior is sweet.....
  6. does the rear diffuser really have to look like that?
  7. Uhm, I'll have what HE'S having!
  8. so lexus discontinued ultra blue... why?!