Official Photos: 2014 Lexus IS 250

Lexus IS 250 2014

Lexus has released a full compliment of new 2014 Lexus IS photos — let’s start with twenty images of the IS 250:

(All of these photos were taken by David Dewhurst during the IS press event a couple weeks back — excellent work, as always, and there’s plenty more to feature over the next few days.)


  1. Omg best oem rims ever !!! Is it me or does this model look better then the f-sport
  2. I'd prefer these 10-spoke wheels available with the IS250 compared the 5-spoke ones with the IS350. Both of them are nothing compared to the F-Sport LFA-inspired ones, those are close to perfection (if only they came in available 19")
  3. This car has not grown on me yet, not sure if it'll ever will but I'll have to see it in person to close my case. Oh how do I miss the last gen IS :( but this new interior is top notch though.
  4. Man look at the motor!
  5. Will the 250 come with F Sport option as well?