Lexus Japan Commissions Art Installation for Updated HS 250h

Lexus HS Art Installation

To introduce the updated HS 250h in Japan, Lexus invited designer Tokujin Yoshioka to create an art installation — here’s a photo gallery:

Meant to create an experience like being “immersed in a mystical aura”, Yoshioka built the display using overlapping optical films that give the illusion of a dual portrait.

(Once again, Lexus Japan takes a chance and commissions art to promote their new vehicles — here are similar initiatives for the LS, RX, & the Tokyo Auto Salon.)

[Source: Design Boom]


  1. With a quick glance, I thought that half pic was an LS. I don't even remember the last time I've seen this car on the road =/
    • ive never seen it in flesh.. coz i live in Australia.. Lexus is so expensive over here, like 2.5X the cost it is in the US!!!