Lexus RX 350 Named to Consumer Reports Best Value List

2013 Lexus RX 350

The Lexus RX 350 was named “best value for a large/luxury SUV” by Consumer Reports in their annual Best & Worst Resale Value list.

(The RX 350 scored 79 in the magazine’s performance tests, the more expensive RX 450h topped the category with 88 points.)

See the full Best & Worst list on Autoblog


  1. Anything made by Toyota or Honda pretty much dominates CR..... BD
    • How can anyone disagree.  Honda and Toyota both makes sensible and reliable vehicles.
    • As a guy who had lived in Japan once told me years ago, "Not all Japanese cars are created equal.  Do yourself a favor—buy one with the founder's name on the door."
    • I couldn't agree more! I wish my Honda & Nissan were as reliable & trouble free as the 3 Toyota's I've owned.My Subaru wasn't bad but no Toyota or Lexus!All of my vehicles have been better than any of the present day Domestic brands my father & in-law's have owned though.My wife convinced her parents to buy a Toyota 5 years ago & they havn't looked back...She also convinced me to buy a brand new Toyota(which we bought out right) when I was contemplating other Japanese brands...Smart girl!!!