More Photos of the Final Lexus LFA #500

Lexus LFA #500 Ceremony

In honor of the last-ever Lexus LFA, Akio Toyoda visited the LFA Works at the Motomachi Plant in Japan — here are some photos from the event:

I really liked this photo of Akio sitting in LFA #500 — it appears he’s contemplating, deep in thought:

Akio Toyota sitting in Lexus LFA #500

Seeing the LFA complete its 500-unit run is a bittersweet way to end a very positive year for Lexus, but I’m encouraged by this passage in an earlier press release:

Future Lexus vehicles will reflect the technological skills gained during the development and production of the LFA — in particular manufacturing know-how for carbon fiber reinforced plastic parts — as well as a philosophy of car design for delivering exhilarating and stimulating driving performance.

The LFA will indeed live on — there’s a touch of sadness to see the end of something so special, but there remains plenty of excitement for what’s yet to come.

[Source: Lexus Japan]