Final Lexus LFA #500 Built, Production Ends

Lexus LFA Final 500

The final Lexus LFA has been built at the Motomachi Plant in Japan, ending the 500 unit run of the supercar — here’s a photo of the #500 badge:

Lexus LFA #500 badge

LFA #500 was completed on December 14th, and will be delivered to its unidentified owner after final inspection. From the photo, it looks to be a Whitest White Nürburgring edition.

This marks a very significant moment in Lexus history, as this car has redefined and transformed the very core of the brand — even as it exits production, the LFA will continue to make an impact on the future of Lexus.

(I knew this day would come, but it’s still surprising. It was shocking to see the LFA enter production, and now it’s shocking to see it finished.)

[Source: Lexus Canada]


  1. End of an era. We knew it was coming...don't know what to say. Hell of a ride! Thank you, Lexus!
  2. Now only one question remains....... Why have those Lexus LFA-AD Branded models been running at Nurburgring for the last few months? BD
  3. I feel sad now ... :
  4. Now it's time to start focusing on the next generation Lexus IS-F and maybe even a GS-F... ;)
  5. This chapter ends so another can open. Lexus LFA II lets go!
  6. It's been an emotional time following the story of the LFA from first concept to its first production model. From happiness such as seeing it come to fruition, to sadness for the loss of Naruse. Haters hated from the beginning, but there was no denying the this car is a drivers dream toy. The note from the engine, record breaking laps, and seeing how one car changed the dynamic of a company, it will remain an icon. It's blood flows through the current generation of Lexus models, and even though it's a sad moment seeing the last model being finished, I'm excited for what the future holds for Lexus. The whole point of the LFA was to showcase Toyota/Lexus's performance capabilities, I think we can safely say, job well done! 
  7. Whitest White with Christmas right around the corner & # 500 Nurburgring Edition.Who wouldn't want this for Christmas?I think now we're all left wondering...what's next?One thing is for sure-there's a lot of talent that's going to go into future models & like we've already seen,some of the genes are already trickeling down through other models as we've already seen with the GS & the new IS pre-production vehicle.One thing's for sure...the next 5 or so years are going to be very exciting for Lexus.I just hope that amazing LFA Works Factory goes to good use!
  8. JB

    Wow, didn't think it would be so soon. I am also feeling a little sad. Legendary car!!!
  9. how fitting; first and last LFA are white.
  10. Leo

    I wonder what wonders Akio Toyoda has planned for the Motamachi plant ? Like Boss above says -- One chapter closes and another begins ! 
  11. Sad day. But as other say, maybe a happy day. Relief that all 500 were sold, that Lexus invested into the ability of building the closest car to perfection. Now let the new IS and especially IS-F be that good. Funny how on the list of the best supercars ever build there is no german car, as the list is: Ferrari F40, McLaren F1 and Lexus LFA.
  12. I have already taken to calling the LFA "Peak Auto."  I mean, who else has the skills, resources, and management commitment to throw into a ten YEAR project that has no other goal than to showcase the abilities of the world's largest and most influential auto maker?  And like the original LS that was so superbly built it made the S-class Mercedes look like it was hammered together using anvils, the LFA has now set the bar so high that no one will ever equal its sophistication in our lifetimes. I consider owning a Lexus a true privilege.  As I try to explain to my friends, no one deserves to have anything so insanely well-built.  Of course, after years of saying this, many of those friends now drive Lexus too.
  13. Can we take the technology that makes LFA's monocoque to apply on other production cars ... like F-model ?
    • The LFA was created to prove Lexus's capability. They did just that.  The LS proves that Lexus can excel and deliver one of the best luxury sedans. The did just that. The list goes on... The SC was removed because, as I've stated previously and I'm sure some of you may disagree, is no longer something Lexus is proud of. It did not stand out. It aged. It was a corpse in their stable. The automotive world now has its eyes set on Lexus. They're a force to be reckoned with. The GS is winning awards, the LS will win awards, the IS is set to take on the 3 Series as the best entry sport luxury sedan for 2013.
  14. My name is Nicolas, My dream to drive my own LFA, whitest white, but not Nuerburgring, is soon coming true...., it just must have been produced a few days ago. I can' t believe it ! I fell in love with the concept from the start, followed the story, finally got the money together and took position a few month ago. Most of my friends, Porsche madmen, Ferrari addicts and so on, still do not know about the LFA' s existence. Who cares ? I know what I wanted and what I well get ! Lucky me ! Nico
  15. We still have yet to see a LFA vs 458 Italia head to head battle from anybody. Is there a conspiracy or something?