Lexus LS-Based TMG TS 650 Revealed!

TMG TS 650

The longrumored Toyota Motorsports TMG Sports 650 concept has been revealed prior to its debut at the Essen Motor Show this week:

Designed as a showcase for TMG’s high-performance capabilities, the TS-650 is a 641 HP bi-turbo super sports car based on the Lexus LS 460, with a 5.0L V8 engine and an eight-speed high-torque-capacity transmission capable of 198.8mph.

Update: Technical specifications have been added below.

TMG Sports 650 Technical Specifications

  • Price: To be confirmed
  • Dimensions: 5,105mm x 1,970mm x 1,456mm (length x width x height)
  • Wheelbase: 2,970mm
  • Curb Weight: 2,050kg
  • Engine: Petrol, bi-turbo intercooler 4,969cm³ capacity
    V8, 32-valve DOHC
  • Max. Power: 478kW (650PS) / 6,500rpm
  • Max. Torque: 765Nm / 5,460rpm
  • Max. Revs: 7,450rpm
  • Max. Speed: 320 km/h (tbc)
  • 0-100km/h: 3.9 secs (tbc)
  • Transmission: 8-speed, 3 AT mode + 1 manual mode
  • Differential: Torsen
  • Suspension: Multi-link with coil springs and Sachs dampers
  • Brakes: BREMBO Carbon Ceramic
  • Wheels & Tyres: 10J x 20, 275/35R20 ( 295/35R20 for track option )12J x 20, 345/30R20

[Source: Lexus Europe] (Thanks Danny!)


  1. Some source still mention 9000rpm ... o.o
  2. I do NOT like the TMG badge in the grille. It needs to be the "L" and have TMG badging elswhere. It just look cheap and tacky. Can't argue with much else though! Especially that engine.
  3. Kinky! I love it!
  4. So 0-60 in 3.7.  Weight 4520 lbs. I only see this as a test bed for the future Super LS in 3 years.  This is only foreplay. By 2016, something very similar will hit the streets.  And I would like an AWD option. BD
  5.  noooooooooo :((((( what's with that LED on the front bumper(reminds me of a Benz), but everything else looks good.
  6. I wonder why, if Toyota Gmbh and Lexus work so closely, they don´t have done this car with the base of 2013 LS?.  Anyway, i Love it. I would buy without any doubt, I only would change the front grille logo, from a distance seems the Ford emblem.
  7. Wouldn't mind seeing that engine in other models too. The LF-LC seems a good home for it.
  8. 641 hp = 650 PS* (;
  9. Speechless.... That is awesome! Let it out Lexus except use the new Five Axis body. Oh yeah.... 
  10. Sorry if I repeat any previous statements...I must unload my thoughts before reading in this case. First off...I really wish TMG had have put all that work into a current '13 LS.This one looks dated already. Second...Please remove thad TMG badge off the front.It makes it look like a Ford Five Hundred or SHO. Third...Why do they have to limit the speed to below 200 MPH when it's soooo close? Other than my above 3 comments,I think this beast is pure awesome.Would I buy one if Lexus builds somthing based off of this?.....HELL YEAH!!!
  11. I'm curious to see where that engine is headed for.
  12. benz, look whos on your left side mirror
  13. Hi guys! Small design detail, kept discreet, and that justify the shape of the (ford looking like) logo: the surface behind the TMG logo is the top of TF110 F1 nose... ; )