Mystery Lexus LS TMG Edition Packing 640+ Horsepower

Lexus LS TMG Edition

More details on the mystery Lexus LS emerged today, as a leaked spec sheet reveals plenty about what’s under the hood:

Lexus LS TMG Edition Specs

Called the LS TMG Edition, this hyper-LS was built by Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) using what looks like the 2UR engine used in either the IS-F or the LS 600hL.

Basic similarities aside, this engine has been bumped up significantly, with 642 HP (650 PS) and 523 ft·lbf (710 Nm) of torque, all blasted out at a 9,000 RPM redline — numbers that could suggest a twin-turbo setup. All this power means a top speed of 200mph (320km/h) and a 0-100 time of 4.2 seconds, or alternatively, “absolutely insane”.

Even with the specs revealed, it’s still all speculation as to why this LS was created in the first place, but the fact it was built by TMG (not to mention the super-high RPM & HP) would suggest the LS TMG Edition is meant as an experiment and not a potential production prototype.

[Source: Auto Guide]


  1. More BOSS than an S65, which is limited to 155, and is made for girls....... BD
  2. 345 tires..that's literally!! 0-60 4.2 wow, and damn I'd probably wouldn't feel so badass if I was rolling in S65/S8 and this thing pulled up next to me. This thing just looks downright scary(besides the front bumper hate/love type)
  3. Is there any other reason why they would be "experimenting" with this car other than to make an LS F? Why waste the time and money developing this 'experiment' if they have no intentions of making F-varant of the LS, even if it doesn't happen until the next generation. 
  4. This is an engine test, ON "THE RING", for the LS-F.  You have to be bling not to see that! They just haven't decided what engine is right. BD
    • I  agree.....this is a fantastic choice of power here. To compete with the Germans it is something that will make LEXUS a power to be worried about......AKIO FORWARD DOING !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Toyota Motorsport GmbH (formerly TTE) really knows their stuff. I'd love to get the turbo kit for my MR2 Roadster. Horsepower up 31% and torque up 50%. 
  6. its so awesome.
  7. I'm gonna get one gold platted with that tyrannosaurus rex skin seat option and go drifting in Monaco, then post it on Youtube.  Then I'll tag it #HatersGonnaHate
  8. I'm gonna get one gold platted with that tyrannosaurus rex skin seat option and go drifting in Monaco, then post it on Youtube.  Then I'll tag it #HatersGonnaHate
  9. ill put money on the idea that this engine will be going in the next IS-F, GS-F, possible LS-F....... imagine, if an ls460 can do 200 mph with this setup, imagine it in an IS-F or GS-F....... BMW/Mercedes watch out.....
  10. This engine is 4,968cc , but 2UR-GSE is 4,969cc ... would still be the same engine ? I was thinking ... bore-up or stroker-kit on 4.8-liter 1LR would be possible as well .
  11. I hope they put the same engine in the upcoming GS-F That would shatter the competition!
  12. Man thats a M5 C63 Killer if ever I saw one. I'm interested to see which Auto its using I wonder if there reusing the IS-F's 8 speeder or there developing something newer.
  13. here is the video! I strongly believe this engine will be use in the GS-F too. This is a winner!!  
  14. Mr Toyoda said he wants performance! MAKE IT SO! BD
  15. TMG = Too Much Game!