Video: Racing the Lexus LFA Against a Business Jet

A couple weeks back, the Lexus LFA Nürburgring edition was in an unusual race against an Eclipse 500 business jet — here’s a video feature from the event:

Photographer Joe Holmes from Stevinson Lexus was also kind enough to share some photos from the race:

(For more photos from the event, check out Joe’s full gallery on Flickr or the Stevinson Lexus feature page.)


  1. At the end, there should have been a camera that gets them both in the shot, racing towards the finish line.  Very nice other than that glaring omission..... BD
  2. JB

    This goes to show how highly respected the LFA is as a technological tour de force, putting it up against a high-tech jet. The LFA (and Lexus for that matter) never ceases to amaze.
  3. hmm I wonder if the LFA would have been better if the test was done at sea level...
    • Ofcourse, 5000 ft above sea level is way too high. At that altitude, the air is so thin that the LFA really at 5000 ft must be making about 500 HP rather than 564 HP. I am quite surprised that LFA reached nearly 180 mph in only a 4800 ft runway at 5000 ft above sea level. Still, I think the outcome would have been the same if the race was done at sea level. 
  4. To be honest; I don't see the sense in this excercise. 2 Worlds far apart from each other.
  5. hey guys how is everybody doing ! OFF TOPIC NEWS, later on tonight  the TOYOTA TS030 will be racing in the 6 hours of shanghai from pole position, the race stars at 11:00 est.. ;you could watch the race from the official FIA web site here is the link: go toyota/lexus!!!
    • Thanks for the link The Toyota Hybrid is about 1 second a lap faster than the next fastest Audi e-Trons.  I guess that's why the Toyota had the pole..... BD
    • you're welcome!,,,the ts030 won the race !:   :-)
    • Wish I read this post earlier Trying to follow the race via Twitter feeds just isn't the same 3 wins (would of been 4 if it wasn't for light on the number plate needing to be replaced) in 6 races Already looking forward to next years races, especially 24 hrs of LeMans
    • yea that sucks!! im suprised that any of you guys in here knew that you could watch the race in the fia web site!!  yes i know ! the FIA took that win from toyota in bahrain ,  the ts030 was leading by 48 sec 1 hour into that race. the toyota machine just embarrassed the audis in performance!,, i cant wait for next year!!!! toyota is gonna be scary!!! new engine and bigger budget!
  6. i dont know what to do now !, im gonna miss audi being in the toyota's rear view mirro lol.. well 5 months to further develop the hybrid system!! CONGRATULATION TO TMG AND TOYOTA/LEXUS IN A GREAT FIRST SEASON!! if any of you guys want to watch any of the races here is the link ,,full race he is gonna upload the shanghai race soon