Short Video of the Lexus LFA AD-X Prototype

Lexus LFA AD-X Nürburgring

A short video clip of the Lexus LFA AD-X at the Nürburgring has shown up on Youtube, with only the briefest look at the prototype as it screams by.

According to the uploader, the entire track was closed for 10 minutes while the AD-X took its lap — could Lexus be going for a new Nürburgring record?

Watch the LFA AD-X on Nürburgring


  1. I didn't see an LFA, but I heard one. They're not doing 180+ MPH there, and shutting down the track for no reason. They have something up their sleeve.  Stuff's gonna come down..... BD
  2. Look at how it is accelerating uphill (30 degree) in 6th gear and hitting almost 300 km/h. The sounds is just insane. I reckon that is the scream of 10,000 + rpm. I still believe it is testing a new version of LFA, which is the extreme of the extreme. Lots of power with a 10,000 + rpm redline and a lot more hardcore track hardware. Lexus will one day rule the supercar world!!! I bet if Lexus continues, just give it 5 - 7 years and Lexus would be the best exotic car builder.
  3. OFF Topic....Toyota Ts030 won the 6 hour of fuji speedway today ..home country, and home(toyota owen)track , a very special win for Toyota/ just is fifth try of its development year!!, i cant wait for next year !!!!!!next year is gonna be big for toyota,,,,GO TOYOTA HYBRID POWER!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. what sounds better??  a jet engine or lfa v10 engine           jetengine 0   lexus lfa 1  lololol what a fly by !!!!!!!!!
  5. hmm is this a stripped down LFA weighing under 3000lbs?
    • Strip it down to what? It's already almost 65% carbon fiber.  Only has two seats.  The Nurburgring Pkg. already has lighter seats and wheels..... I think the engine would be tuned to 600 HP and 10k RPM BD
  6. Imagine an LFA on Michelin Super Sport Cups, not the 15 year old Bridgestone RE070s? What could a simple tire upgrade, an extra 50 HP, and a weight under 3200 lbs do to lap times? BD