Lexus Reduces Manufacturing Output After China Protests

Lexus ES in China

Due to ongoing tensions between China & Japan, Lexus will be reducing daily production at their Kyushu plant in Japan — Just Auto explains:

According to the Nikkei business daily, Toyota will reduce output at its key Lexus factory in Kyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture. Daily production will be lowered about 20% from the current 1,300 units to roughly 1,000 indefinitely. Affected models include the ES, a sedan sold exclusively outside Japan and the compact CT 200h hybrid hatchback.

The operator of the Fukuoka factory, Toyota Motor Kyushu, built 302,000 vehicles last fiscal year, with 22% exported to Asia, mainly China. The subsidiary may fall short of the 350,000-unit production target for this fiscal year due to the output cut, the Nikkei noted.

It’s a complicated topic, to be sure — for a deeper understanding of the situation, I would recommend checking out the coverage at the Wall Street Journal.

[Source: Just Auto]


  1. Yeah... It's a very complicated issue with such a long history between the two countries. My friend from Nanjing admitted that she loved the new CT 200h, but she personally couldn't purchase something Japanese. The thing is that Japan, being an archipelago of rocky mountains with little food and other commodities, had always been forced to conquer foreign lands to support itself. China, being nearby with scattered and easily conquered villages, had always been a target. Now those armies that the Japanese government sent out had to survive exhaustion and bloody scenes. That plus a little brainwashing by the government and/or military leaders led to some horrific actions, which can be explained by Professor Zimbardo's Stanford prison experiment in which Zimbardo himself succumbed to scary psychological changes. Obviously, the Abu Ghraib torture and prison abuse incidence is an example of how the modern military environment can still get out of hand. I'm not trying to justify any actions here, but I am trying to show why the dispute between China and Japan are so personal to citizens of both countries. If you grew up in China and was constantly reminded by textbooks and elders about the Nanjing Massacre, you are prone to such hatred. Incidentally, if you grew up in Japan and was constantly reminded that the Nanjing Massacre never existed, there would be an equal amount of despise. Comparable example here in the US: grade school textbooks usually mention little about the conflict between US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War although the Soviet Union [and Russia for that matter] and its people are often placed under bad light. My AP Government teacher who is white has a Japanese wife. The wife managed to convince her mother about the marriage, but she won't be able to become a US citizen until her mother passes away. The wife really wants to vote, but her mother naturally categorizes my teacher as one of those men who bombed her hometown and proliferated the red light scene. P.S.: It took me awhile to realize that "Jap" was a derogatory term; I wish I had known that earlier even though I'm not big on political correction. P.P.S.: I hope I didn't go too far off topic.
  2. this is crazy I actually know people that are driving Lexus actually trading it in for German cars man... :/
  3. I really really hate this happens !
  4. So why does China think they own the small islets? And why does Japan bother and put all effort for just small worthless pieces of rocks! ..Unless there's other pressure from other nations prompting Japan to do this
  5. MT

    --> CRUDE OIL, lots of oil under the islands.
    • yup same when US invaded the ME. I think if you also look back to what happen after the atomic bombs being dropped on Japan, you'll see why China believes the Island is theres