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Lexus LFA Chief Engineer Starts Blogging

Lexus LFA Chief Engineer Tanahashi Haruhiko

Lexus LFA Chief Engineer Tanahashi Haruhiko has recently started his own blog on the Lexus Global website — here’s a quote from his first post:

I’m honored and privileged to say that I am the chief engineer of this car. In fact, of the 34 years I’ve been at this company — can it really be that long? — one-third of that time was dedicated to the LFA.

This is a car that comes alive. In fact, I describe the LFA’s engine sound as being like the “roar of an angel.” I was told that the poet Alfred Tennyson coined this phrase, which disappointed me when I found out. But it still captures the car’s spirit.

There are five entries in the blog so far — The Roar of an Angel, The Purpose of Performance, Trials & Triumphs at Nürburgring, The Motive, The Emotive, and the Extraordinary, & The Wonder of the LFA Works — and all have their share of entertaining and sincere insight.

There’s an artistry to the way Tanahashi-san describes the LFA, and I’m looking forward to following along as he shares his experience in creating the very first Lexus supercar.

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  • September 24, 2012
Yeah the LFA has a beautiful soundtrack..
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  • September 24, 2012
I'd gladly buy one just for the sound.....& I just may.My wife is starting to get past the cost.Sometimes,you just HAVE to have some things in this short life time.
"Angels having orgasms"
when u have back the toyota supra & celica,,,,,
    I was in Dubai when Mohame Let my try his LFA in withe/red yeah I can fly ,,,, But I cant by it. Make the Supra 2014 ok