Video from the Lexus LFA Owners Meet

Released today is an official Lexus USA video from the Laguna Seca LFA owners meet last month:

After I posted about the meet initially, a couple LFA owners stopped by with some comments on their experience:

Mitzi Hemstreet: It was absolutely amazing! The folks at Lexus really know how to throw a party. Generous to the hilt. I can’t yet put in to coherent words how exceptional and extraordinary the past two days have been…

Brock Lee: Hands down the best $400k we’ve ever spent. Not only did we get a piece of automotive history, the over the top experiences Lexus has provided the owners only solidifies our devotion to the brand.

Considering the reaction, I have to think that owners were extremely happy with the experience — hopefully this is just the first of many LFA owner meets.


  1. "Sigh"  Ok~  Way to make me jealous... 
  2. F1

    Hahaaa awesome
  3. 7No

    MM ISFs with hood vents on the left side of the initial lineup?
  5. that fresh green LFA is sick.