New Lexus Concept to debut at Paris Motor Show

New Lexus Concept

Lexus has announced that a new concept car will debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show on September 27th, with information and photos released ten days before on September 17th.

No further details were released, but speculation on a new Lexus concept in Paris started back in July, when Lexus Australia marketing manager Peter Evans told GoAuto there was something new on the horizon:

Evans was reticent to provide more details as his employers would be “really upset if I blew the cover on what is going to happen at Paris”.

The mystery unveil could be a product to fill one of the gaps in the Lexus line-up, such as a compact SUV or sports coupe – both of which Mr Evans said are “on the horizon and under consideration”.

At the time, I predicted that it would be a compact crossover — this would still be my first guess, but the use of the word “car” in the press release puts my theory in question, especially with a camouflaged Lexus IS driving around in California.

Still, the location of the reveal, along with the fact that only Lexus Europe has issued a press release so far, and I have to think that this mystery concept is aimed primarily at the European market.

For now, here’s the full press release:

Lexus will hold the world premiere of a brand new concept car at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, which opens for media on September 27, 2012 at Paris-Expo, Porte de Versailles.

Information and pictures about this new Lexus concept car will be released on September 17 at 8.00AM CET.

The 2012 Paris Motor Show will also host the Western European premiere of the all-new LS 600h F SPORT.

Introduced by Paul Van der Burgh, Director Lexus Europe, the Lexus Press Conference will be held at 8.45 AM CET on September 27 (hall 4, stand 120).

(Note: The image above is not a teaser, and is in fact the GS 450h grille.)

[Source: Lexus Europe]


  1. It is the new IS.
  2. I'm with you on your initial guess Kevin.Lexus is striving really hard to introduce the right models to Europe in hybrid form.I think a "CX" would make a lot of sense for Europe(& the rest of the World"I wouldn't discount a CX,even it's introduced as a car.The 4th gen Rav4 is right around the corner!I call my wife's 3rd gen Rav4 a car,SUV & CUV & my wife refers to it as a "truck".It's hard to know what to call them when they fall in the middle somewhere!Either way,a CX(or whatever it is called when it gets launched)will sell like hot cakes!It will definately be my wife's Rav 4 replacement!
    • BTW,hers is a V6.Who would guess that a vehicle in this class would be so peppy?I'm still looking forward to a hybrid 4 cyl. "CX" though,but with 4WD still!
    •  "CX" is a name registered by Citroen. It would be unwise for Lexus to use this name in Europe and elsewhere where the CX was been sold.
    • Bear in mind that Mazda has been using the "CX" with the CX-5, CX.7 and CX-9. Not to mention that he also uses RX-7, RX-8 and RX-9. An "CX300h" or "CX 300h" won't matter at all from my point of view.
    • True. Citroen has also used the name "GS" since the early 1970s and Lexus sells the GS is Europe, to. There seem to be no legal issues.
    • Some very valid points on both sides that I never took in to account,so thank's to both of you!I'm sorry guys!I never meant to get us hung up on names.I was trying to describe an SUV like vehicle that slotted in below the RX & I guess I got lazy & didn't give a proper description.
  3. IS Wagon for Europe? BD
  4. There are supposedly spy images of the 2014 Lexus CUV. Despite what some have told me, I am now sure without a doubt it's a Lexus and not a Toyota RAV-4. It's likely a mule, rather than a prototype using it's own body panels.
    • yeah I'd have to agree, those look like the new lexus mirrors on the prototype. 
    • no im pretty sure does are rav 4s
    • It looks like Toyota Rav4 to me , because the whole front end is Toyota Language , not Lexus Language ... maybe they use the Rav4 front end as a mule on the test .
    • They're trying to be very clever in using another unreleased vehicle as a test mule. From the mirrors, to the luxury CUV competitors, and the altered fascia (in comparison to the other RAV-4 prototypes), this may very well be a Lexus mule.
    • Agree. Mirrors bolted on the doors and the Evoque + Q5 riding along are good signs of it being a Lexus. The only thing that goes against it being the "CX 300h" as we've come to expect of it after all these months of speculation is the presence of the dual exhaust which hints at a V6 powertrain versus the Camry 2.5 Hybrid Synergy Drive. ( for all pics). It's possible that the North American market may now offer both the V6 and hybrid.  CX 350 and CX 300h???
    • Tough call -- still going over the images, but I'll likely post something this weekend.
    •  Thanks, I can understand that it's debatable if it's a Lexus or not.
    • J B

      Well, I'm now now 100% convinced the test mule is not the '13 RAV4 and therefore must be the CX.  Take a look at the rear length on a side by side camparo - the RAV is clearly a few inches longer. Secondly, notice how much taller the rear hatch is on the RAV which carves into the bumper. Note the reflectors as well and rear-mount stop light.  There are many more details, but these to me are the clinchers.   
  5. An IS Concept makes a lot of sense since it's 4 months ahead of its debut at the NAIAS, just like the GS concept was shown during the NY Auto Show and it was released 4 months after in the Pebble Beach Concourse.
    •  It is very likely the IS Concept. Why do I say that? The last Lexus to be caught testing as a prototype(not a mule) shortly before it's near-production concept appeared was the current LS in September 2005. The IS is already a prototype, so it be the same story again.
  6. My vote for this mystery car goes to it being the new IS concept.
  7. Sorry, to burst your bubble, but those camo'ed up SUV pics are of the Rav4.  The upmarket SUVs are there to show its upmarket pretensions and possibly throw people off.  And the mirrors are easily swappable...
  8. Jo

    It should be the IS.  This company is not difficult to predict.
  9. its definently a new CUV or an all new car all together. an IS concept makes no sense..1. why wud they have a concept 4 the IS if there are already "camo shots" of the production floating around?? 2nd, there is no need 4 an IS concept. the GS was a concept cus it was the 1st to ware new face, but just like the ES, LS, exc, they dnt need a concept 4 the IS.
    • Could be an IS coupe concept!
    • Jo

      Production shots of the 2007 LS leaked days before a concept car LF-Sh shown in September 2006. Then the real thing was unvealed at the NAIAS early 2007. Sounds familiar? The Lexus CUV is years away pal.
    • I just said that actually, but that was actually in late September 2005. The first actual glimpse of it was from a Japanese magazine in early 2005 showing an accurate outline of it, then these production shots. By October of 2005, the LF-Sh pretty much confirmed the validity of the photos(used in the design patents filed on October 3, 2005) below. Hopefully within the next few weeks will get something and that the reveal is parallel to this.
  10. I am reserving any comments on what they're launching. It does not look like they're launching a car that they currently produce but something we haven't seen yet.
  11. my Guess is the GS coupe