Is Lexus Planning a CT Spin-off?

2013 Lexus CT 200h

Back in June, WardsAuto interviewed Lexus general manager Mark Templin about the CT 200h, and found out some interesting details:

“It really is a good car for moving people into luxury for the first time,” he says.

The median buyer age for the Lexus CT is 53, below the brand’s median age of 59, the auto maker says. The hatchback’s buyers have a median annual household income of $150,000, more than the $100,000 bracket originally forecast.

Although Lexus did not plan to offer anything smaller than the CT compact 5-door in the U.S., Templin, noting the car’s success, now says there is a “possibility to build other vehicles off that platform” to grow sales to new, younger luxury buyers.

The “possibility to build other vehicles off [the CT] platform” is expectedly vague — the CT is built off the same platform as the Toyota Prius, could this mean a Lexus Prius V in the future? Is Mark Templin simply referring to additional powertrains for the CT?

It brings to mind the now-classic GoAuto interview with Lexus Australia marketing manager Peter Evans:

Another likely unveil for [the Paris Auto Show in September] is a hot hatch variant of the CT200h and Mr Evans revealed its arrival is “a matter of when rather than if – or rather when and what because there are a few alternatives”.

Using the 200-hp, 2.5L 4-cylinder hybrid engine from the ES 300h to create a CT 300h seems like a good plan to me, but maybe I’m not thinking big enough — what would you like to see Lexus do with the CT?

[Source: WardsAuto]


  1. How about CT300h with 3-door , a refinement suspension that combination of comfort & sporty , a facelift with even more spindle grille style ... that would do good !
  2. You could slam that 2.0 from the Scion FRS in it...... BD
  3. How about a plug-in version?
  4. I thought that the CT was based from the Corolla based Auris Chassis and not the Prius? Just as the 2012 Prius c/Aqua is based on the 2012 Yaris/Vitz platform, the next smaller version of the "CT" might be based from that Yaris/Vitz platform as well
    • Since CT200h is using MC platform , it's the same thing ... really . Just Corolla/Matrix use shorter platform (E-Chassis) & Prius use longer one (based on T but it's W chassis) .
    •  Very Interesting so all along the 2009 design Corolla Sedan shared its chassis with the 2010 Prius and the 2011 Prius v since their exterior dimensions were almost close to one another. In addition the defunct Lexus HS 250h/Toyota Sai was also based on the Corolla Sedan platform as well. The only other Lexus car which is very similar in size to the Corolla Sedan but a rear wheel drive and uses a completely different chassis (based on a shortened GS platform) is the Lexus IS250 Series. Lastly the Corolla does not have the same chassis as the previous pre 2012 and the current 2012 Camry doesn't it?
  5. CT-F could be good to compete with A class AMG 
    •  A CT-F would have to be AWD in order to have any chance against the AMG A class in terms of performance. And to my knowledge, the A class is not coming to the US and a performance version of the CT would probably sell poorly in Europe. I don't think the CT was designed for serious performance given it's FWD layout. Adding a driveshaft to accomodate an AWD design seems like the best way to ruin the many qualities of the CT such as good rear leg space.
  6. The engine from the ES 300h would be a cool fit. Wouldn't mind some more power within reason. Even going with a four cylinder from say a Camry or something that wasnt Hybrid powered. Needs a good NA high revving engine with a full fledged spindle grille. I'd like that. Maybe lighten up the car a bit too. Sounds good to me!
  7. I would like to see a nice coupe variant and, perhaps, a cross over utility. 
  8. A CT300h sounds like a possible and sensible choice. I'm sure a CT300h F-Sport would attract some attention from younger, prospect buyers.
  9. Turbocharge it! Connect a turbo to an electric motor so that, it can boost the engine is sport mode or produce elecricity in normal mode.
  10. I totally agree! One of the ideas that I posted on the Lexus idea engine was to make a non hybrid versión of the CT because frankly hybrids are not for everybody. I would like to see maybe a CT250 with the engine from the IS and heck for the more performance oriented maybe a CT350
  11. why every one make it a body spin off i translated it to name spin off CX the long waited sub RX CUV
  12. The consumer needs a Lexus Compact Utility Vehicle in the niche of the BMW X3, Audi Q5 or Mercedes GLK. I hope Toyota-Lexus can develop something with a stance like the RAV 4, space and efficiency like the Prius V, the ubiquity of the new CT- that would be perfect to set it above the rest in the market. If designed and marketed correctly, it would be a top seller in critical Californian, Asian and European markets. Design will be key to the success of this vehicle. 
    • Brilliant Idea ! ! ! The ideal of a compact sized LX with all the features you described under the metal is a dream of mine. I love the 2013 LX, I would just like it if it were downsized to a compact utility vehicle, in a way that the GX and RX cannot. Also you might want to add the Arab and African markets to your llist. We LOVE smaller SUVs in places that are unpaved, unreliable dirt roads. My 2010 GX is fun to drive around KSA so much that I had one shipped to my business house in Lagos, Nigeria. At home and in Lagos, a smaller sized SUV would be of great use to me on days when I am simply going to town or my wife is picking up the kids from the  preparatory. 
    • You are right about that as when I go back to visit, usually we have to use Prados, Land Cruisers(LC200) and LXs in Lagos and the East in order to carry around our luggage. Interesting to see someone from there here. Abuja seems to be the only place where an SUV or CUV isn't a must.
    •  Toyota does build a CUV or a Compact Utility Vehicle and its called the Toyota Avanza (not related to the Toyota with a similar name the Camry based Venza). The Toyota Avanza as we speak is only marketed in the Far East and Indonesian Countries. The Avanza has an identical overall length as the Toyota Platz based Echo/Yaris 4 Door Sedan. However its a rear wheel drive and its heavily based on one of Toyota's subsidiary Daihatsu Xenia.
  13. Lexus really needs to read the review of the CT on the UK website and sort out the major shortcomings they found in the product - poor ride quality, noisy engine, poor acceleration. Lexus would then see a sharp uplift in sales without the need for a costly new body shape or low volume engine.
    • The UK motoring press is exceptionally critical of any new Toyota and Lexus vehicles. I wouldn't put too much stock in anything coming out of the UK media. Of course they will drool over the GT 86, but a car like the CT which is the most reliable and fuel efficient in its class? Pfft. Who cares about minor details like that?
    • There are tons of fuel efficient cars to choose from in the class of the CT200h in Europe like the BMW 116d or 118d and this makes life hard for the CT200h in the European market. I've said it before but the CT also needs to be available with a simple gasoline/diesel engine. Hybrids are not for everybody.
  14. They should keep it as a hatch and a cheaper base value
  15. Between this and the upcoming CT Facelift is this one of them? I am really confused here as why would they have a CT similar fascia in silhouette with a more prominent spindle grille?
  16. F1

    A performance version of the CT would do wonders!
  17. keep it as a hatch back