Autoweek Reviews the 2013 Lexus GS 350 AWD

Lexus GS Autoweek

The Autoweek editors have driven the 2013 Lexus GS, and found it very easy to live with, praising the interior across the board.

On the other hand, driving impressions varied — some liked the improved handling, while others still found the GS to be “disconnected from the road”.

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  1. What do you find KREW?What's your opinion?
  2. It's what I expect from car reviewers about Lexus...sigh...
  3. Why is toyota & lexus hated so much? Why aint they comparing the interior of the GS to the 5 series or built quality? Audi & Merc never out handles BMW but that never becomes a big deal, they never get ruled out as inferior. 
    • Oh please. A bad review about a Lexus product doesn't mean the brand is hated. The new GS has gotten great reviews for the most part so that a bad review is bound to come up sometime. You're forgetting that every automotive journalist has their own opinion. Let's not forget that no car is perfect and that includes the GS. Also, most Audi and Mercedes' cars won't outhandle a BMW by the very nature of their engineering layout. Most Audi's are nose-heavy and FWD/AWD will have different driving characteristics than RWD. In the case of Mercedes', they've always focused on a blend between comfort and sport meaning that their cars handle competently and are comfortable. You're also forgetting that the vast majority of people in this class DO NOT CARE ABOUT HANDLING in the sense of driving their cars on the track every weekend. Every single car in this class offers safe and competent handling which means any halfway decent capable driver can have a bit of fun with them in their own way. The people who buy these cars are not the 20 year-old kids on a car forum who only think about 0-60 and handling.
  4. the other reviewer is complaining about the lack of body roll, what tha fk aint that a good thing nomore? Pluss it not lacking body roll rather it got a controled bodyroll
  5. LVR you should be on Mercedesenthusiast site not here. You are annoying the lexusenthusiasts
    • Really? What have I said this time that is so offensive? I guess I have to say this but maybe I am just OPEN-MINDED and not a blind fanboy.