2013 Lexus ES 300h on 20″ CEC Wheels

Perhaps inspired by its arrival in dealerships, CEC Wheels has put together some mockups of the 2013 Lexus ES 300h on some 20″ rims:

2013 Lexus ES 300h CEC Wheels

2013 Lexus ES 300h CEC Wheels

2013 Lexus ES 300h CEC Wheels Again

Not really sure about any of these wheels, but it does lead to an interesting question — with its dramatic increase in style, could the new ES actually start to see some aftermarket action?

[Source: CEC Wheels via Club Lexus]


  1. Wow.... I like those wheels! ... I really do love the new ES... Why do they don't sell this in germany!!!!! grrrr. i would buy this!
    • i am pretty sure you know the reason for that as good as i do!! :-) You can buy ALL these Lexus sedans and SUVs (LX, GX) in Russia. Where these Lexus sell in BIG numbers!!
  2. Yeah... it is annoying that they did not introduce it into European markets.. I'd probably buy it myself too
    • Lexus Europe may have to change their model strategy if the new IS turns out to be sports focussed, like a lot of the news is claiming. Their would be a gap then for a comfortable model under the GS. 
  3. I'm TOTALLY digging the style of the new ES....I dare to say more than the GS.  The only thing that is stopping me from seriously considering it..... is the Wrong Wheel Drive....just can't do it yo!
  4. mann all the wheels design doesnt looks suit the car..
  5. I am actually liking this design. Id be interested to see the same mock up with some better looking wheels. But that was a great start! 2013 Lexus ES #TheNewKitCar
  6. The ES looks amazing! Should have been RWD and called the GS though. Either way they should bring it to Europe.
  7. Those wheels suit the car well. the car is pointed and so are the wheels
  8. You can call me crazy....but based on this sedan Lexus needs a 2-door cóupe and convertible. These three models together would be hot seller around the globe.
  9. Saw an ES yesterday on the roads of North Carolina, and WOW! This car is a head turner. It looks so much better in person than it already does in pictures.  PS Krew dont forget to change the generations of the ES on your ES page on this site. And by the way the SC shows to first generation in both spots (first and second.) 
  10. The body of the car looks really stylish. But Im not feeling none of the wheels.
  11. I drove the ES300h in LA yesterday.  Really gutted we dont get this car in UK / Europe.  I for one would be very interested. We dont all want all out sports sedans.  Loads of rear space, hybrid boot / trunk again reasonable in size (which makes the lack of change in the updated LS600h all the more shocking), plenty of real world performance and good fuel economy.  As well as most of the goodies we have come to love: ventilated seats, blind spot assist, easy access, optional radar cruise etc.  OK my new fave, the automatic handbrake with hold function is missing, but you cant have everything...
  12. Here is a 2013 Nebula Gray ES350 with 19" CEC wheels.