Live Coverage: 2013 Lexus LS Debut

2013 Lexus LS Debut

I’m in San Francisco tonight for the debut of the 2013 Lexus LS, and will be posting live coverage throughout the event.

There will be a live broadcast of the reveal on the Lexus USA website and Facebook, starting at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT.

(Please note: You will need to refresh the page to see the latest updates — if you prefer instant coverage, you can also follow my @LexusNewsLive twitter account.)

July 31, 2012

3:30am: One final photo of the Lexus LS, parked outside of the @StRegisSF hotel:

2:40am: LS airlift, have to crane the cars out of the venue:

1:56am: Red LFA at the end of the night:

1:45am: LS after party:

1:42am: LS taillight detail:

1:20am: LS F SPORT interior has a very dramatic two tone leather:

1:15am: Spa Collins break:

12:47am: Starfire Pearl LS is a real looker:

12:40am: Detail shot of the LS LEDs:

12:24am: The LS interior is pure awesome:

12:22am: Just discovered a white LS F SPORT:

July 30, 2012

11:52pm: Lexus ambassador Miss Mori with one of the photos:

11:38pm: The 2013 LS in half profile:

11:36pm: Introducing the 2013 Lexus LS:

11:32pm: Minutes before the LS reveal, the crowd is forming:

11:22pm: Tweet display

10:58pm: Crazy crowd, red LFA & the Lexus College folks — great night so far:

10:44pm: People posing with a giant neon LS:

10:36pm: Part of the photography exhibit that’s accompanying the LS reveal:

10:21pm: The 2013 LS has been covered back , approximately one hour until the reveal:

10:17pm: Can you spot the LF-LC?:

10:08pm: One of our guides to the Metreon, the venue where the LS will be revealed:

9:18pm: My second-ever spy shot — the LS on the balcony was uncovered for a brief moment:

8:01pm: Lexus has released a final LS teaser before its reveal tonight:

2:09pm: My first ever spy shot — I can see a covered LS from my hotel room, along with a LFA and what may be the LF-LC:


  1. I thought it's unveiled on morning ... still , interested to see interior .
  2. That profile doesn't look like the current car.  the D-Pillar looks faster, more hatchback style. Looks like every panel has been changed in this pic.The earlier leaked photos tell a different story......BD
    • You bring up a good point. The car definitely looks sleeker around back. Not like the photoshopped official pictures. If it actually has a new sillouette or is actually a new car with similar design cues on the side profile, I wonder why the door handles weren't changed.
    • I'd say it's the same profile (roofline) as the current gen LS.  It's misleading because the trunk is open and gives it that shorter (fastback) look. Look at the trunk and imagine it closed and you will see a longer trunk line like the current gen's. Nonetheless, love the most-aggressive-yet spindle grille front-end and I'm anxious to see new interior similar to the horizontal design theme started with the CT, then GS, and ES.
    • Ahh good point I didn't even notice it was open! Thought that was something behind the glass in the back
  3. One thing like that does that BMW, for example, does not is they make the doors of the SWB and LWB similar, so you can't tell if the car is SWB or LWB.  The car looks like it was made to fit. I can't tell if this is a 460 or 460L. You look at a 7-series, and it either has a door that fit the chassis, or it has this huge rear door that looks like it was taken off another car...... BD
    • It looks like the extended model and even this extended model looks like maybe it can be an 1"-2" longer than the previous one.
    • It's the LWB in the spy shot in the 9:18pm pic.  The short wheel base LS has a noticeably smaller rear door and roof line, by 5 inches. Not sure if a SWB will be unveiled tonight, but definitely this pic is that of the 460L/600hL.
  4. Kudos to krew on the good spy shots! Gives us something to feast on while we're all anxiously awaiting the official reveal. 
  5. Excellent job Krew! Very important pics as you are the first to post unexposed real-life photos of the '13 LS. Hopefully no one will steal them from you *cough* Autolies *cough*.
  6. Funny... I see a red Ferrari 348 in the 2:08PM spy shot...  uhhhum... I mean the LFA.  Blame the horizontal lines in the railing!   :)
  7. Wowww... i was checking lexus website and lexus LS will arriving in november!
  8. Lucky... aha HAVE FUN! Sorry that I've been so absent on here recently.
  9. Damn! I'm getting master certified ASAP
  10. Unfortunately, I only have bad news to report.  This is, in every way, a "restyling", as they said in the presentation.  Not a redesign. The car is slightly longer, due to bumper design changes, but wheelbase is exactly the same. Trunk space, fuel tank, EPA MPG estimates are all the same as the current car Power is up 6 HP to 386.  Torque unchanged. 600hL power is still at 438.  Weight is still well over 5100 lbs.  Fuel economy unchanged at 19/23 Vehicle weight is down 11 on the 460.  55 lbs on the LWB. 18" wheels std.  19" optional F-Sport is available on SWB only, and adds 132 lbs. NAV screen is std.  & is shared with the GS at 12.3 inches. Not what I was expecting.  A refresh not much different from the one the RX just received in the Spring.  Definitely not a redesign. Hopefully, the new interior and new grille will excite, because that's all the news here..... BD
    • Not redesign?why all new interior?thanks!
    • So , it's actually just "facelift" instead of new generation ? I compared picture of the side (outdoor picture for 2006 one & official studio picture for 2013) , the door is same , only the trim is different ... other change can be seen on picture clearly .
    • Total let down.  The LS600h is no more advanced now than it was in 2007.  It's the only first gen hybrid still in production when the Prius, RX and GS have all moved on.  Has Lexus just given up?  
  11. Pics of the new interior:
  12. YP

    The front end looks great. Distinctive. That is about it. Under the skin it is the same. Interior in pics does not look appealing at all. The current one definitely looks more premium. The 7 series just got an update and is way better in every single way. The S Class is not yet released but somehow I feel that will also be much better than the LS. The A8 is also looking like a much better option. This is not competitive in any way with the other flagship, unless they decide to introduce a new flagship in Paris. I like the GS and the ES. Lexus did much better on them than on their refresh. If it is a refresh they should say so.  
    • I'll give you the S Class and 7 Series, those two might be an option for consumers. Definitely shutting you down on the A8 & everything POS audi makes. 
    • Audi makes amazing cars. Their reliability might not be top notch, but their cars are quality-made and superbly crafted and designed. The current Audi A8 is a beautiful car in my opinion - and I am a Lexus LS460 owner.
  13. F-Sport in Super White: BD
  15. GS's interior looks better than the new LS's....ugh. 
  16. Jeeeeesus *bleepin* christ..... White LS F Sport though... Love the S Class AMG, Love the 7... I'd get this over those two right now & worry about the next model in the future. I got several minor mods I can think of that will make this stand out next to any Luxury flagship GUARANTEED!. PS. Who else can throw a party like Lexus. Attention to detail is impeccable and unmatched. 
  17. The front looks wonderful,but I really think an all new LS is needed. In a way,this "refresh" only serves to emphasize that the car is getting a bit long in the tooth.
  18. 2009 Lexus LS460 (with Lorinser wheels & bodykits) 2009 Lexus LS460L (picture flipped) 2013 Lexus LS460 stuff that changed would be , - door trip - front fender - front bumper - front light - front hood - rear bumper - rear trunk lid - rear light - side skirt - side mirror ... but the change made Lexus LS looks a LOT more aggressive .
  19. I love what they've done although I like the GS interior better. Wish the did the side profile a little better but nevertheless very very nice!
  20. The "Agents" over at Auto Lies got mad when I let them know Krew beat them to the punch with the first LS pics. Threw me off the site.  Class place..... BD
  21. I just realize on 11:22pm , it's still very bright ... in my country , 6:40pm already darker than that . XD ... another thing is , missing picture under the line of "12:51am: Starfire Pearl LS is a stunner: " .
  22. F1

    Very nice.. The interior Is quickly growing on me!! It lookes much nicer now thn 3hrs ago!!
  23. So looks like the automatic parking feature is gone.
  24. 1st and 4th pic make the LS look really really nice. Very impressed. Still not sure if this is a new LS or just heavily facelifted version like what Mercedes do to the current c-class. The rear seat barely changed and so is the speedo gauge part. Wish the shifter is gated? naked? not sure what is the word, look much more classier and tidier that way,  
  25. If you look at the other newer article posted here, this is new design to me.  It is both evolutional and revolutionary.  Evolutional in the sense that some of the body lines are preserved to maintain the LS silhouette.  Revolutionary because it upgrades the grille to spindle grille, making the interior totally different in design from the past.   Just like the current BMW 3-series,this is a new design but BMW has chosen to preserve some good virtues in the past while adding something new. I think Lexus has done a great job.  The interior and exterior have to be consistent with the rest of the line up.  The sense of harmony and balance are still found in the interior of the new LS, despite a more dynamic image. I expect the car to be much better driven.  Test drive is part of a good review..