Details on Tonight’s Lexus LS Debut Event

2013 Lexus LS Face

MediaPost has some details on the 2013 Lexus LS debut in San Francisco tonight:

Lexus has opted against an auto show stage for the revelation of its 2013 LS sedan. Instead the luxury division of Toyota…is kicking the chocks from under the LS’ wheels at an invitation-only event in San Francisco, featuring celebrity couples and a photo exhibition in which they are shown with the new vehicle. 

The program, “Lexus Laws of Attraction,” which will be extended  in some fashion to local markets around the U.S., showcases the lens-work of Ellen von Unwerth who turned her Leica…on Jason Schwartzman and his wife Brady Cunningham; actress/model Jaime King and her filmmaker husband Kyle Newman; actress/model Devon Aoki and her husband financier James Bailey; along with Barney’s New York Creative Ambassador Simon Doonan (famous for creating the Barney’s New York window displays) and his husband, designer Jonathan Adler.

Lexus is trying something brand new with the 2013 LS event, creating an experience outside of the standard auto show cookie-cutter coverage — by introducing the model alongside an art project, it allows Lexus to bring in lifestyle media and reach a completely different audience.

(Really looking forward to the event tonight — my live coverage will start at 9pm/6pm PT.)

[Source: MediaPost]


  1. Sounds like exciting and fresh thinking! :-)
  2. Next IS should debut in Europe both as sedan and a "shooting brake" like wagon with 6-cyl hybrid drivetrain!
  3. That explains the lack of invitations... :P
  4. guys im from israel and i really wanna watch the debut event but i have the time problem can somebody tell me how much time left 
  5. thanks a lot !!
  6. ray

    i can't wait to see the interior. my next car is either this new LS or the all new LS, which I have to wait for who knows when It will be launched.
  7. My sources say don't expect major changes under the hood either, but minor tweaks to boost HP and EPA slightly.  I hope that doesn't apply to the LS600hL, which needs the most work in general. The interior will be basically all new, much more so than the exterior design. Lexus is going to a 6 year model plan, with redesigns every six years, and major powertrain upgrades also every six years, staggered 3 years after redesigns.  Redesign, new powertrains 3 years later, redesign. So major powertrain changes for the LS/GS/ES shouldn't be expected until 2015. Still expect a not insignificant weight reduction on all models..... BD
    • I greatly appreciate your efforts, but the LS first surfaced in 2005, debuted in January 2006, and was put into production mid-2006. The LS430 debuted in 2000 and was produced through 2006. The UCF20 was made from October 1994 to April 2000. You do not make sense on the "6-year model plan", which may not apply to double-facelifted LS. The RX XU30 was made from early 2003 to late 2008, so how is the 6-year model plan "new"? This is representative of the W140 S-Class(1991-1998) which was leaked in late 1990, shown in March 1991, sold from June 1991 as a MY1992, facelifted for MY1995 in mid-1994, and last for MY1997 in Summer 1996 before universal replacement in April 1999. The LS XF40 almost mirrors this by 15 years.
    • Who said anything about 1991? Can you read the words that are coming out of my mouth? BD