Lexus USA Announces 2013 ES 350 & ES 300h Pricing

2013 Lexus ES 300h

Lexus USA has announced the suggested retail price for the 2013 Lexus ES:

  • The ES 350 will have a base price of $36,100 USD — a decrease of 1.7% (or $625 USD) compared to the previous generation.
  • The ES 300h will start at $38,850 USD, only $2,750 more than the ES 350.

The price difference between the ES 350 & ES 300h is the lowest hybrid premium in the Lexus lineup, and is offset further by the ES hybrid’s additional standard equipment like bamboo wood trim & a rear spoiler.

(Worth noting, these prices do not include the delivery, processing and handling fee of $895.)

The ES 350 and ES 300 hybrid will arrive at dealerships in August.

[Source: Lexus USA]


  1. I'm going to LA in mid August and hope to check out the new ES300h.  Especially as we dont get this car in the UK.
  2. Price is ok, the style is just beautiful, i'm in love with it
  3. Wow, an ES 350h under $40K. Well done Lexus, this should be very popular. My son will be test driving one of these ASAP.
  4. Wish they would bring these over to the UK
  5. I like the price drop on the 350!  (They make some of that back in the destination increase) Still not sure why the hybrid is thousands more, unless it's just pure profit. Buyers would get more hybrids if the price were the about the same as gas. A Camry Hybrid costs less than a V6 Camry..... BD
  6. They may have dropped the base price, but they've removed standard equipment such as leather wood trim and other items that are standard on the 2012 model. As well, why should the hybrid price be more than the V6 when both engines are identical to those in the Camry and comparably equipped hybrid Camrys are priced lower than V6 Camrys. Bamboo trim isn't worth thousands.
  7. WTF

    compared with the base 13 RX and the F-sport, the F-sport cost about 7k more... :///
  8. Decrease? Good. aha After all, the ES 350 no longer has real leather as standard. /: It's all for the environment! :D
    • Seriously. It's kind of BS that you have to get the Luxury package just to match what the current ES350 comes with standard. The ES has always sacrificed nearly all it's sporting credentials for the sake of luxury and value, and it's a unique formula that's worked well for them. I don't want to see them mess it up by cutting corners, and then trying to make up for it by pretending it's now a sports car. Lexus can't afford to be greedy with how good the competition is getting.
  9. The premium car is around 39k and the luxury with nav and 18's is right at $44k. Not bad considering what this car gives you in space and upgrade suspension.
    • In fact, the car is actually much larger than the GS. However, the GS, in our eyes, has greater engineering significance. Then again, it's without a doubt that the ES has been engineered to be much quieter and smoother... Anyways. Lexus is smart to have both the ES and GS.
  10. MT

    Do the rear seats of the ES350 fold down? 
  11. In Saudi Arabia the ES 350 has a base price of 49,100 US $ :'( . Everyone is complaining !
  12. I am waiting for this car, when will it arrive at the dealerships in California?
  13. I have done the research and on the GS and ES 350 and 300h, It all boils down to distance per tank for me. Yes of course, there is a lot of compition out there but I would rather have quality and endurance. The graduating differences in models between the platforms of toyota and Lexus are for a reason. Choice and desire of comfort level. My fully loaded ES300h will be delivered from Japan before Thanksgiving. I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. The estimated 626 miles on Tier One regular gas is a no brainer for me. By the way, I have owned most of the contenders, 5 series BMW, Audio A6 and never a cadillac. Low maintenance on the GS/ES, in fact low maintenance on all Lexus models. Do the math and travel the distance. $4.15 a gallon, at 40/39 miles per gallon.