New Lexus LS to Debut This Year?

2013 Lexus LS

Leftlane News is reporting that the new Lexus LS will debut “within the next few months”:

Although details remain sketchy, Lexus is putting the finishing touches on its next-generation LS sedan, with the BMW 7-Series rival likely to bow by year’s end. The LS will join fresh versions of the GS and ES sedans in the Lexus lineup.

Short and long-wheelbase versions of the LS will carry over, but the LS’ all-V8 lineup might not. It’s possible Lexus could offer a LS model with a V6, following similar downsizing moves by BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Lexus could even swap out the LS’ V8 hybrid drivetrain for the hybridized 3.5L V6 used in the GS 450h.

Not to downplay the news, but when camouflaged test units start showing up on California roads, that’s a good sign that an official launch is on its way (for instance, the first camouflaged units of the 2013 GS showed up in June, just two months before its launch in Pebble Beach).

As for the idea of a hybrid V6 LS, it’s been discussed at length — given the carried-over engines in the new GS & ES, I have a feeling that the LS 460 & LS 600h powertrains will stay the same, but having a V6 hybrid in the range makes for an interesting possibility.

[Source: Leftlane News]


  1. The GS 450h engine was modified with an Atkinson cycle for lower consumption. Perhaps this will happen with the LS 600h as well?
  2. The LS600hL is done.  Long live the LS450h! Don't sweat LLN.  I've been there for years.  They know a lot less then Krew knows about anything! BD
  3. This better be huge! 
    • It should grow an inch or two outside, nothing more.   The interior will always grow at least a couple of inches..... BD
    • Agreed. If it grows 2-3 inches then it would match the S Class & 7 series. The powertrain needs to be on par with those two. 
    • I'm not worried about the powertrain.  It's the power-to-weight ratio that is important.  The Germans are 2-300 lbs heavier, so the Lexus doesn't need to match HP ratings, just stay in the ballpark, with enough low-end torque. The Mercedes and BMW have shown their cards as far as their HP war is concerned.  A 400HP LS with a 2-300 weight advantage should be just fine...... BD
    • Fair enough, you convinced me to be open to that view. LS has such a beautiful interior just a bit worried they might cram a ton of tech-stuff. The next one might actually be heavier than the current.  #Imjustsaying. 
    • The only consistent rumor over the past few years about the Next LS is it will go on diet, for better acceleration, handling and fuel efficiency. I would expect at least 100 pounds on the standard SWB/LWB cars..... BD
    • Actually there are many people who buy these cars that care about gas mileage. I have an LS460, but if Lexus offered a V6 LS or something even smaller, I'd opt for that. I'm getting Lexus luxury but have to spend less time at the filling stations.
    • F1

      Hmmm.. The Lexus ES is pretty much a V6 LS.. GS & IS are the sporty LS & ES are for comfort oriented people.. Although the LS is FR like the GS & IS
  4. There is an (Australian) dealer launch in November 2012 for this vehicle in Australia. North America typically launch either one month before or at the same time, so you should see this car very soon. I understand it is a major facelift on the existing platform, not the next generation LS. Also ISC F Sport has appeared on the ordering system from August Production so that should be launched around the same time.
    • The New LS is usually delivered to market in October, the traditional start of the model year BD
    •  It is possible that this is a 2014 model year vehicle and not a 2013. Something tells me I just saw the absolutely unchanged 2013 model for sale somewhere, but I'm not sure. In 1994 that didn't happen as it went on sale on November 15, 1994 and in 1989, September of that year. A little deviation from tradition might occur this time.
  5.  And then make the Super LS please (TMG).
  6. Just purchased a new GS350 and the dealer says the LS update is grill, revised software, etc.   
  7. I wish we were poised to see a truly all new LS although a new front, rear and thoroughly updated interior are appealing and I for one can't wait until the reveal.  Dunraven77 states that the all new IS/ISf will also make an appearance this year. I hope to see it in true coupe form next year along with an SC.  Let's go Lexus - let's pick up the pace in roll-out's, power, efficiency & styling!
    • The current car looks much better than the competition. That's how Toyota does new cars in general.  Every 5 years, and evolutionary redesign.  Every 10 years, a revolutionary redesign BD
    • Since when was the L-Finesse based USF40/XF40 an evolutionary redesign to the LS430? The LS430 was revolutionary in early January 2000 and so was the current LS when it was first exposed in August 2005, five and half years later. All I have to say to them is good luck with beating the MB W222 on "minimal changes", as it's likely more innovative like the 1992 W140 was in an effort to replace the discontinued Maybach. Better be a very well done evolutionary redesign and not a repeat of the 1995-1997 UCF20, or except bad results
    •  Correction: "expect bad results".
    • They screwed up the LS430 so much, the revolution there was make it look like a giant 1997 Avalon, they had to start from scratch with a new design, and that started L-Finesse The new S-Class is online already, inside and out, and it's very nice, but it's design won't set the world on fire.   It'll have a 9-speed, just because Lexus owned them last time.   And the real innovation will be all the models it will come in. BD
    • As a kid in the 1990s, I wondered why the second gen LS and the Avalon seemed so similar to each other, then when the '01 LS430 practically embodied the greenhouse of the 2000 Avalon I started to think it was the Toyota version of the LS. You're right about L-Finesse, as when development started on the current model back in '01, it was born. It's only because the IS and GS were older designs, that they benefited from it first. The new S-Class is possibly introducing technologies that will likely trump the LS, but at the same time is evolutionary like the LS(XF50) will be. Then again I drive a Mercedes, so maybe I'm biased a bit. I hope for their sake Lexus ups their game again and doesn't rest on their laurels like some are claiming.
    • You don't spend 10 years, and lose billions of dollars, building the LFA to rest on your laurels. Forget the 20 years of quality awards for the LS.  If the LFA just existing doesn't show how seriously Lexus takes building great cars, I don't know what would...... BD
    • True. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the average pro-German-above-everything car owner. I was just rather disappointed to hear from some folks here that there were going to be minimal changes in the form of a significant facelift. I am rather annoyed by that as it's always interesting to see what Lexus will bring to the table with their flagship vehicle and I would hate for them to not impress like they did with the new GS. I'm very familiar with the LS, as a lot of relatives and family friends have owned one and still do. My parents have never bought a LS on what I can attribute absurdly to prestige(on my mother's part, BMW-obsessed), but yet they have a fantastic LX570 overseas. I simply have always admired the effort that was put into the LS models to make them so bulletproof reliable and competitive in such a short amount of time. That is unlike Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and to a lesser extent, Infiniti, which have sent us back and forth to the dealership, that we know all the service personnel on a first name basis. This has never happened with my sister, as she can basically count on her fingers how many times she's gone to any of the local Lexus service centers since 2007. Both her '08 RX400h and her '11 IS350C, boast of being trouble-free cars. I would've gotten a IS350 in 2007 instead of a G35S, if it came in a 6-speed manual and had the F-Sport package back then. They make great cars and from the results of the new GS & the LFA, I want them to keep that momentum going. Sorry about the length of my post.
    • Take a thorough look at the interior of the LS460, current LS since 2005.. Better then all of Germany combined
    • I've driven and ridden in both two of my aunts' LS600hLs and from time to time my mother's '11 760Li, so I'd say the LS interior is less teutonic and a bit more calming, while the 7 has better materials. I guess that isn't a fair comparison, as an Individual model isn't the same as a regular 760 and wouldn't compare to a stock 600hL. The first 600hL('08) I rode in didn't have the executive seating package, but I have been in the other one('11) that did and loved the rear ottoman. I'd say that is the biggest winning point. As for Audi, my dad(a longtime Jaguar XJ owner) bought a A8L W12 several months ago and I can say it tops the interior materials of both the Lexus and BMW. It seems to bring the best features of the 600hL and 760Li together, plus more(pano sunroof). The only things are that like the BMW, it feels more cluttered upfront than the LS and the rear right footrest is useless, unless there is no passenger upfront, so pretty much the LS wins again in that department. I don't really like the current S-Class(W221), as the design never really appealed to me and it seems like the Maybach was holding it back. The facelift in '09 did make it better, but that itself wasn't enough for me. I do look forward to its W222 replacement this year, but anyway back to Lexus. Many say the LS interior is plain and boring, but I think it's just right and it has excellent simplicity for the controls. Its not as if the materials are cheap or non-premium, as they aren't, but I feel they can do a little better(hopefully they will).
    •  Sorry about the super long paragraph, I forgot to separate them.
    • Just to clarify, the ISC F Sport is just a different version of the current ISC. The current IS sedan is being produced until March next year suggesting a launch of 3IS around June/July. I would imagine the ISC will be sold in its current form for another couple of years, as it was released in 09 and will allow Lexus to stagger the releases.
    • A summer 2013 launch of the next IS is what I've heard too.
  8. wouldnt make much sense to stuff the same hyrbid engine in a flagship sedan, at least make a new engine for the LS
  9. actually there is real talk about the LS only getting a refresh again. that is the concensus with a lot of clublexus moderators and high up members
    • what man this is stupid then only a refresh with a spindle and some tweaks??
    •  I have not heard anyone say they have seen the whole final design unclothed and comment on it. Some should remember who they do not work for(Lexus HQ) and not make baseless claims to mislead us.
  10. The new LS might be based on evolution of the current platform with the addition of high and super high tensile steel and more welding spots. For the rest it wiil be completely different Just like the new GS is based on an evolutionary platform but isn't anything like the old car After nearly 7 years a refresh is unlikely (it had that in 2009). Lexus cannot stay behind. The new LS will boast the pinnacle in automotive tech, trust me. It is the Flagship and wiil rival and most likely superceed anything in the market It will get a v6 hybrid (450h) and probably a v6(350) but the latter may not be sold in the US(just lik the GS250) A new or modified v8 and hybrid v8 will feature as well. Engines that can carry over to a production version of the LF-LC and a large coupe F-sport version will be there LS-F is an uncertainty.
  11. The current 1UR-FSE V8 in the LS460 is very good.. Just impove on it I guess..
  12. MT

    As long as they update the design to the current spindle-style and put in reworked engines i don't care if the platform stays the same.  I am not sure if the 600h continues. But if it does, then it will be Atkinson-Cycle like the GS, also improving economy by about 30%. This will give it about 27 MPG combined.
    • IF the 600hL continues, the 5200+ pounder WILL go on a diet, starting with losing the standard AWD. NO LS should weigh over 4700 pounds, including hybrids (The GS450h is around 4150 lbs) Dropping hundreds of pounds of weight will improve economy and acceleration...... BD
    • Perhaps the new LS will benefit from weight saving tech from the LFA?
    • Not even a question. But that will be one of the reasons for the higher price. More premium materials will be used...... BD
  13. I hope the push button close doors make it!
  14. I think the push button close trunk from ES is definitely going to make it. Plus expect all the tech gadgets that come on either GS or ES such as lane drift, rear cross traffic, night vision, automatic highbeams, hud, and we can't forget the mode select switch (sport, eco, normal).  If there is no new interior to go along with the ES/GS, you can expect new steering wheel at least (see updated RX), but as a flagship sedan the interior should be new.  The headlights are also suppose to be getting "a major advancement in headlight technology" says Lexus execs (some of this might be what we are seeing on the image above). Is it just me, or do the headlights look similar to LFGh, where the LED low beams had a sharply projecting lens that cut into the bodywork making them look like they were deep into the body work. 
  15. I heard it was another facelift but that so much had changed "its almost a new model".  Certainly I would expect the hybrid to change quite a bit (e.g. repackaged battery for a much bigger trunk, motor now atkinson cycle, all the other hybrid improvements (e.g. heat recovery from the exhaust etc)).  Plus we'll see the new front spindle grille, front and rear light treatments.  Also the interior will get the new "GS" style dashboard with the 12" Navigation display.  Plus we'll see options from the lower models like H.U.D. and blind sport indicator.  I would expect the suspension to get more options too (inc Sport +), esp for the SWB model. What wont change is the fundamental body - it will be the same platform.  Does doesnt mean there wont be some sheet metal changes though. The UK is also expected to drop the hybrid only line up so we may see the return of the V8 (presumably now the 5.0 unit from the ISF / 600 in a new tune).  I doubt there will be a non hybrid V6.  For hybrid I would expect the 600h to carry over as the flagship "effortless" model with a smaller V6 450h economy model.  These are the cars bought by big chauffeur firms and Lexus is loosing out in this market.  They need an LS450hL with a big boot for the Heathrow airport run currently dominated by the BMW 730dL and Mercedes S350L Bluetec in London (both diesels). I heard this year too.  It must get shown late summer / early Fall.