Lexus IS Commercial: Famous Curves

Next up in the Lexus marketing blitz is this IS commercial from Lexus USA:

Clever idea, expertly implemented — gets me wondering though, could this be the last new commercial we see for the second generation IS?

(For interest’s sake — the last commercial for the fifth generation ES was released in January of this year, only five months before the all-new ES was released at the New York Auto Show.)


  1. I think you're right. The new IS is on its way. For some reason this video gives a lot of clues. It reminds of the Million Miles in the making videos for the GS. This one obviously about curves that the IS has driven to be what it is, i feel like with this commercial they're saying "This is only the beginning. The next generation Lexus IS...."
  2. The production of the current generation is ending this month (ex. IS-F). The next generation will arrive next spring, with two kind of hybrid drives.
  3. This car has aged very nicely.. With a very subtle facelift every 3years they have manged to keep it super fresh!
  4. Love the red IS-F on the right.