Lexus IS F CCS-R Trial Run on Pikes Peak

As an example of what we can expect from the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in July, here’s some in-car footage of Ken Gushi taking a test run up the mountain in the Lexus IS F CCS-R:

I still can’t believe this is a public highway — what a crazy road.


  1. I have driven up pikes peak and its super scary. But race up it....... no thanks.
  2. Crazy?  I don't think so.  Considering that Pike himself called this mountain "unclimbable," I think this road is a monument to intelligent planning, careful execution, and come pretty serious maintenance.  I think it is absolutely wonderful Colorado has public highways that assume the driver is an intelligent being who can drive difficult roads.  I once drove this road in a rental and had a TON of fun—especially because in those days, the final few miles near the top were gravel.
  3. Even from the starting line you can tell the engine working so hard already. What would we do without air, still N/A is the way! 
  4. damn that fuel pump is loud with no back seat on top of it
  5. If you think the up hill is tough, just think about driving it down hill full speed Initial D style. Takumi, where are you?
  6. I had to turn up the volume when the drive started. 
  7. They should make more guard rails lol
  8. Id love to see KEN BLOCK tackle this track...!!!