Lexus GS Commercial: One Million Miles in the Making

This new GS commercial from Lexus UK is first-class:

Really like the sentiment in this commercial — the Million Miles in the Making refers to GS Chief Engineer Yoshihiko Kanamori and his Team GS global staff, who travelled over one million kilometres testing and fine-tuning the new GS on roads all around the world. A fitting and well-deserved tribute.

(Also wanted to mention that Lexus UK has recently redesigned their website — looks great, and worth checking out.)


  1. If the great Hiromu Naruse was still here with us today, and he helped tune the car the GS would be even more spectacular.
  2. If it is a UK commercial, how come it is left side drive and drive on the right side of the road? It is "amazing" there no other car on the British road, otherwise it could be "disaster".
    • It's a commercial for UK , but not snap in UK ... the video clearly show it's somewhere in US , not even any UK-ish .
    • The first time I saw this video on Youtube, it was branded as a Lexus Russia commercial -- guess that Lexus UK picked it up for distribution.
  3. Ah, the 6th st bridge in LA.
    • It's so cool to recognize where a commerical/movie/tv show has been filmed -- happens all the time with movies and Toronto for me.