Official Photos of the 2013 Lexus ES 300h

Lexus ES 300h Exterior Photo Gallery

During the 2013 ES media preview in Oregon, Lexus handed out a USB filled with over 100 photos of ES 350 & ES 300h.

Rather than post them all at once, I’m going to break it up into four groups, starting with the exterior photos of the all-new ES 300h:

Of all the colors, I wasn’t crazy about the Matador Red Mica — something about the color clashes with my idea of the ES. The Starfire Pearl & Silver Lining, on the other hand, were two of my favorites.


  1. Freakishly handsome car,the new ES! 
  2. Red seems to be THE BEST color for the ES.   It gives a it a youthful appearance, and hides the little duckbill over the grille too...... BD
  3. any shots of the interior?  :D
  4. is it just me? because i think this is more beautiful especially on it's side profile than the humpy 2012 GS?
  5. I disagree.  The ES in red is truly a spectacular color.  And shall be mine.
  6. I hope they will make a F-sport of the Es to, it look very nice...And again take it Europe to, and have a wagon and they can compete with Audi A6..They new Es look so great