Lexus Planning 2014 GS Coupe?

2014 Lexus GS Coupe

Inside Line is suggesting that a Lexus GS coupe is in the cards next year:

Lexus officials have not been shy about discussing the company’s need for a high-end coupe. Last summer, a U.S.-based Lexus product planner told Inside Line that he would love to see a coupe in the lineup to help boost the emotional appeal of the brand. Earlier this year, Karl Schlicht, head of global product planning for Lexus, told Automotive News that the brand needs a sporty coupe to go with its renewed lineup of sedans and crossovers. The U.S. head of Lexus, Mark Templin, also said he wants a sport coupe in the $60,000-$70,000 range.

The two-door version of the GS you see here is the most likely candidate to fill that role.

With no fresh information, this is pure speculation on Inside Line’s part, and likely fuelled by the commissioned rendering of the GS coupe seen above.

With Lexus’ push towards performance, the lack of coupes in the lineup is curious and a GS coupe makes sense, but there are two open questions:

  • Looking at the Lexus lineup, the most glaring omission is an IS coupe, not a GS coupe. That’s not to say that one precludes the other, but new model priorities are certainly based on potential sales.
  • The Detroit debut of LF-LC concept was a home run for Lexus, generating universal praise for its design & execution. At least from my perspective, a production model seems likely.

A GS coupe would sit right in the middle of these vehicles — meaning three new models, all with two doors. An IS coupe could justified by sales (and pent-up demand) alone, and the LF-LC would be a flagship coupe that builds on the LFA — is a GS coupe necessary to bridge the gap? More importantly, should it be the first model released?

There’s another angle included in the article:

Neither [of the existing GS powertrains] is ideal for a true performance sedan, so it’s possible that the coupe could arrive as a GS-F model with a unique drivetrain and tuning.

Not to suggest that it reflects popular opinion, but a poll on this website last year ranked a GS F coupe dead last in potential GS variants:

Lexus GS Variant poll results

In fact, this poll highlights my own feelings — I’d much rather see a GS F sedan than any GS coupe.

(Don’t even get me started on the rendering included with the Inside Line article — very uninspired.)

[Source: Inside Line] (Thanks Chris!)


  1. GS-F sedan first, the coupe next. 
  2. Too compete Merc E-Class Coupe & BMW 6er ... that's a good thing !
  3. Yea its called an IS...
  4. GS F, nuff said. 
  5. Krew you said it perfectly. That GS coupe is not very inspiring at all. Especially if Lexus wants to charge between $60,000-$70,000. I would most likely pay that price for a coupe or sedan based on the model created by Five Axis. I just bought a 2012 BMW 328i and wouldn't hesitate at all to trade it in for either one of those models.
  6. IS coupe first, then GS-F sedan, then the coupe.
  7. The Lexus IS needs a separate coupe (Not the convertible coupe only) The LF-LC needs to be made for the 2015 model year The GSF needs to be made for next year If there's a GS Coupe, I really don't care..... BD
  8. GS F, do it! But only it will beat M5!
  9. MT

    Stop all that coupe and whatever talk.  There has to be a GS wagon and IS wagon! Coupes don't sell this side of the pond.
  10. I don't like the Edmunds photochop either. It looks too plain. A GS coupe wouldn't be bad but I really want to see an IS coupe and the SC to come back.
  11. KY

    Just make sure the GSF beats everyone else like the GS350 does if not dont bother making it. If not then haters will going to focus fire on the GSF and there will be another ZR1 - GTR war. Gosh I hate that. 
    • Unfortunately, I think there will be a lot of fire-focusing regardless of how a GS F performs. Nature of the game.
  12. IS Coupe in my opinion. Keep the GS four door and make it an F!
  13. In order of North American marketplace releases:  A) Lexus IS Coupe & ISf Coupe introduced together B) Lexus GSf Sedan & GSf Coupe C) Lexus LfLc hardtop (glass) convertible
  14. Why are they waiting so long with the 3rd generation Lexus IS? And I doubt Lexus can make something good enought that can challenge the BMW 6 especially 640d which is very sucessfull in Europe. I plan on buying one this year, but would rather buy a Lexus coupe if it had a 3.0 diesel motor.
    • No way does Lexus put a GS coupe up against the 6-series. E-Class coupe, A5, sure -- but the 6-series is in another ballpark.
    •  Why not? The 6 series is derived from the 5 series and the GS350 sedan is already beating the 535i in comparisons. Just put a tuned V8 in the GS coupe and watch it run circles around the 6 series.
    • I should have been clearer -- I didn't mean that a GS coupe couldn't compete against the 6-series in performance, but rather that the 6-series has a higher level of prestige than the E-coupe/A5.
    • That's why an IS coupe makes sense IS--->IS coupe--->A5/C coupe/E coupe(C-class derived) competitor GS-->GS coupe--->6 series/CLS/A7 competitor LS--->LS-FC coupe--->CL competitor
  15. Man it's going to be a big coupe. Best to shorten the car imo, but forget the coupe for now bring on the GS-F first jeeezzz
  16. Where did GS Coupe idea come from? Coupe only the IS and ISF, no more. Make an Estate out of the GS and let it compete with M5 Tourer/Sedan and E63 Wagon/Sedan. Other then that, its gone be confusing....
  17. A GS coupe is a no brainer. Hopefully followed by an IS coupe when the new IS debuts. The photoshopped picture above looks great. Hopefully a production car would follow that design path, especially the lack of b-pillar.