Poll Results: Lexus GS Coupe, GS-F, GS-F Coupe or GS Sportcross?

Lexus GS-F, GS Coupe, GS-F Coupe or GS SportCross

Last week, I asked what type of Lexus GS you would like to see after the sedan is released, and 1,243 votes later, here are the rather surprising results:

Lexus GS Poll Results

The GS-F was the #1 response (and my own personal pick) with 44.3% of the votes, but I would have never expected #2 to be the GS SportCross Wagon — and certainly not over a GS or GS-F coupe.

Admittedly, votes for a coupe would have been divided between the final two options, but I still can’t believe the GS-F coupe ranked last — in fact, I almost didn’t include it in the poll as I thought it would skew the results too much.

Thank you to everyone that voted, the results were very enlightening!