Photo Gallery: Lexus GS 450h in Dana Point, California

Lexus GS 450h in Orange County

With the Lexus GS 450h now arriving in dealerships, I decided to revisit some photos I took last year during a brief drive down the Pacific Coast Highway:

At the media preview in Orange County, my time with the GS 450h was limited to an early morning runabout, but ended up being very impressed with the instant power delivery from the batteries — also loved the bamboo interior trim (as you can tell from the photos).


  1. The standard GS grille looks really subtle, even before we saw the F Sport. :P
  2. eh, i'm still iffy on the bamboo...
  3. I'm still puzzled by the hybrid F Sport's absence from the US-marked.
  4. In South Africa they decided to bring the F-Sport only for the hybrid. And we get the 250 as well. 
  5. Looking great ! I love the front end with those LED headlights. Tell you one thing... those wheels are gonna be hell to clean over time...
  6. I loveeeee the headlights and the bamboo!!
  7. Damn, saw 2 of them on friday in a showroom in zurich. One was is silver  color and the other one was in grey. Both looked great. greetings from swiss