Lexus Ideas Engine Closes Next Week

Lexus Ideas Engine

Just a quick reminder — there’s only one more week to submit your suggestions to the Lexus Ideas Engine project.

Last week, I spoke with Lexus Global general manager Andrew Kirby (who announced the project earlier this month), and found out that he personally reviews and approves every idea & comment with his team every day — clearly, this initiative is being taken very seriously, and really is your best chance to have your ideas heard.

(I also recommend going through the ideas that have been submitted and voting for any you would like to see implemented — there’s some great ones in there.)

Visit the Lexus Ideas Engine

Update: My own submission has gone live.


  1. Did anyone suggest forced induction engine for country that have engine displacement tax ? :P
    • F1

      Their V6 are on the small side anyway.. 2.5 & 3.5 .. Very powerful, smooth & efficient in the real world.. Have you ever driven the 1.8 & 2.0L Turbocharged engines from Audi & BMW? They're rubbish drives, weak, very rough, 4-banger tone and have so much issues and maintainence..
    • Yep. My buddy has a new Audi 2.0 Turbo and the engine is worse than econobox cars. Drives like absolute sh*t and has a very noticeable turbo lag in the initial 2 inches of throttle feed.
    • Yeah those 2.0L & 1.8L Turbocharged engines are very anemic and Lackluster.. In top of that they sound terribly harsh, turbo lag is very very evident.. When you step on the accelerator you get a response 2 seconds later which is a hazard and they have a very limited power band, after 2500rpm they don't make anymore power and just make excessive cacophonous noise.. What's worst is that they are outright slow and sluggish and the 1.8T is a nightmare Not to mention thir fuel economy is bad, I know a few people and they average anything from 9 to 15L/100Km on their Audi A4 2.0T
    • Hybrid technology permits the use of a smaller displacement engine
  2. We should get compensated for having our brains used...... BD
  3. Inline 6 hybrid with Supra TT's and internals hahaha jk.
  4. I did post an idea a few minutes ago concerning Lexus offering a larger choice of different models and engines in Europe. It seems like there are planty of european fans that did the same. I trully hope those ideas will be seriously concidere, cause there is a very big difference between how Lexus compete with German brands in the US and in Europe.
  5. I think I can speak for all of us when I say to bring back the original SC/Supra twins from the early to late 90's!(21st century versions)Luxury brands & sport coupes go hand & hand...they're an emotional decision that you make & you buy them to enjoy them!
  6. I put up an idea there, and they didn't approve of it.   The Thought Police purged it from the site...... BD
  7. I put an idea or two on there as well
  8. there needs to be an F sport plus or F+ which only focuses on power and luxury not so much hybrid.