More Photos of the Camouflaged 2013 Lexus LS

Club Lexus has posted a second batch of next-generation LS spy shots:

2013 Lexus LS Side Shot
2013 Lexus LS Closeup
2013 Lexus LS Rear

There’s obviously some styrofoam under the camouflage that’s deforming the c-pillar, but the overall profile appears to be the same as the current-generation — let’s zoom in on the last photo for a better look at the rear:

2013 Lexus LS Rear Zoom

The tailpipes also bring the current LS to mind — though with the addition of the diffuser, the entire rear design appears to be very similar to from the new GS.

All in all, not much to look at — these photos do suggest that the upcoming LS is an evolution of the existing model, but with all that camouflage, who can tell?

[Source: Club Lexus Facebook]