Lexus USA Testing TRD F Sport Parts

By way of Club Lexus, it appears that Lexus USA is evaluating the GS F Sport parts from TRD Japan — here’s a photo of a Liquid Platinum test car from Lexus College’s Paul Williamsen:


Visible in the photo are the trunk spoiler, rear diffuser, side skirts and the titanium quad-exhaust tips, which are all looking quite chunky due to the silver exterior color — contrast this same kit in Obsidian:

Lexus GS TRD Kit in Obsidian

(Wonder if Lexus USA is also considering the slightly-more-subtle Modellista kit as well?)

[Via: Club Lexus]


  1. Are you sure those are side skirts (looks stock)? The rear diffuser looks boring compared to the stock diffuser.And what's wrong with the F-Sport spoiler? The one in the picture looks too after-market. What I want to see is the F-Sport lowering springs. The stock ride hight leaves too much of a gap in the wheel wells. The marketing and promotion pictures of the 2013 GS show much less gap than what is actually present.
  2. WHO buys this stuff?  The whole point of owning a Lexus is that you are driving a car built by the most talented and gifted car-makers to have ever walked the earth.  Everything, from the carpets, to the vibration-free engine, to the build tolerances, to a thousand other excellent examples, are this wonderful demonstration of humans striving for perfection. And folks actually want to junk up this perfection with hot-rod parts?  Hell, why not flame decals? It's not like Lexus sells so many cars you are driven to individualize the ride.  I don't know, maybe pimps have discovered Lexus.  Me, I want my Lexus showroom stock.  I recently passed on nitrogen for my tires because I didn't want the green valve caps.
    • It's all about personal taste. And only a fraction of all Toyota/Lexus owners will opt for the TRD parts. Just fyi, all TRD parts are make to the strictest, high quality standards set forth by Toyota. I personally wouldn't get the body kit shown here but a more subtle kit that TRD has for the GS. I probably would do the suspension only. By the way, I do find your post offensive to some degree. Really, pimp??? If a client saw that, they probably be venting at you right now. And you know you could change your valve caps if you hated the green color.
    • What client?  I am not selling anything.  It's just that I cringe whenever I see this sort of thing.  It is an insult to the original builders.  But go ahead—trash your Lexus.  Just know that some us WILL pass judgement on your lack of taste.
    • Lack of taste? Why don't you tell Toyota that since they are the ones who made the kit? Don't push this on me or any of the readers here. Got that? Guess not because there is something called freedom of expression. We are not bounded by the creator's ideal. In fact they encourage it. All these feedbacks that Toyota/Lexus gets from the consumers will create a more unique vehicle for the next generation. They listen to us. They will cater to that small fraction of consumer who wants this. That's what makes Lexus unique. Lexus is changing and that is a fact. I'm really sorry if you don't see Toyoda's view of a more sportier, more passion, more luxury Lexus. Like I've said again, if you have a problem on what Toyota makes for the Lexus brand, take it out on Toyota, TOM's, Modellista, TRD (F-sport), not the readers.
  3. Shame on you Lexus for trying to make your cars a little more sporty!
  4. That wheel/fender gap is horendous. Lexus should do something about that....
  5. ughhh horrible pic. . . .