Mystery Lexus ES Controller Explained

When Lexus released a video tour of the 2013 ES, some eagle-eyed Lexus Enthusiast readers spotted a mysterious knob in the centre console:

2013 Lexus ES Display Audio Controller

I reached out to my friends at Lexus College to get the scoop, and was told that this is the Display Audio controller, which will take the place of the Remote Touch controller on all ES vehicles without the navigation package. One other point that was mentioned — without navigation, the display screen goes from eight inches to seven inches.

At this point, it’s unknown how common the non-navigation package will be, how the controller will work, or what functionality the display will have, but at least it’s one mystery solved!

Update: Turns out the 2013 RX will also be offered with the Display Audio controller, and includes this description of the seven inch LED display:

An LED readout on the instrument panel that can communicate a wide range of messages. It shows data from the drive computer, such as average vehicle speed, fuel consumption and cruising range. It can also flash many warning messages, such as low oil pressure, excessive brake wear or an unlatched door.

(Thanks James!)


  1. That's still a pretty good screen, but because it is set forward into the dash, it won't appear big.
  2. I remember there's a Lexus , without the Sat Nav , it's a big hole there ... is that the CT200h ?
    •  No - i think you mean the RX. The CT has the Nav-Display in the Dashboard. So if you have it without Sat-Nav there is just a super clean Dashboard.
    • I meant the center console , the Lexus Mouse location , I remember there's a model like that ... and I think RX also have similar way .
    • I posted photos of the CT without a Remote Touch controller/nav screen here: Just have to scroll down a bit.
  3. 2013 RX gets it too with Display Audio package: see Lexus Display Audio/Backup Camera Package 
  4. I wish the Remote Touch Interface could be a standard feature for every model. Any news about the CT getting a facelift or some minor interior and exterior changes? Lexus could add this to the CT so instead of having just a "big hole" there, we have that pretty fancy wheel controller.
  5. "such as...excessive brake wear" Does this mean the '13 RX (or other models) are getting brake wear indicators like the LS?
  6. The 2013 RX350 arrived at dealers today and the no-navigation model has this same controller. It's pretty cool!  It controlls the audio, climate controll, bluetooth, satellite radio, etc.
  7. realy good tips for me..cheers