Lexus Releases Virtual GS Tour with New iPad App

Lexus GS VR360

Lexus has released a new iPad app that gives a virtual tour of the 2013 GS — here’s the description from the Apple App Store:

The 2013 Lexus GS app is an interactive tour containing 360-degree views that allow you to explore the many features and innovative technologies that define the Lexus GS Sedan. The app also allows you to experience the many advantages the GS offers over its nearest competitors in side-by-side comparisons.

There’s lots of information in the app, and it’s worth the download just to see how the GS interior stacks up against its main competitors — here are some screenshots showing the side-by-side (the GS is on the bottom):

Lexus GS 350 vs. BMW 535i Interior

Lexus GS 350 vs Mercedes E350 Interior

Lexus GS 350 vs Audi A6 Interior

Really hope this is a sign of things to come from Lexus — these type of interactive tools are great on a bunch of different levels, and I think every model in the lineup should have something similar.

Download the Lexus GS iPad App


  1. holy crap the GS and the 5 series dash are almost identical
  2. I like the GS and then the E class interior. (no bias)
  3. I wonder when the user manuals will stop being printed and will be all interactive on the iPad and or the computer. 
  4. PG

    The GS's dash is great, however its inspiration becomes evident in the pic with the 5er. It's almost the SAME!
  5. I wouldn't say that Lexus "copied" the 5er interior. If you look closely you can see that all four cars have a similar interior design (placement of the navigation system for instance, A/C controls and so forth) and that's most likely due to ERGONIMICAL DESIGN STUDIES that manufacturers undertake to ensure the best possible and comfortable layouts for their interiors.
    • PG

       I agree with you on the ergonomics, however I'm talking about the DESIGN ELEMENTS. I understand why everybody chose the same placement of the nav display or the A/C controls, but the similarities between the 5er and the GS are more than that. But yeah, as I've mentioned before, I do like the GS' interior, it's just VERY similar to the one in the 5er.
    • They all look pretty similar to me, to be honest.
  6. Excellent read,