Examining Lexus IS F Sport Performance

Here’s a thorough twelve-minute video that details the various levels of the Lexus IS F Sport family, with in-depth analysis from race car driver Joe Bacal:

It makes a big impression seeing the performance differences between the various grades of F Sport documented in such a visual manner — can’t wait to see what Lexus has planned for the next generation of IS F Sport.


  1. Recently driven IS350 with F-sports package and can say that is one nice sharp car! It's very quick & sharp.. And also comfortable..
  3. I thought F-Sport used the same equipment from the accsessories. The whole reason to buy that model. I would at least hope for the springs and sway bars, etc. Minus the wheels, exhaust, and brake system. Or am I wrong? I am still considering an 350 F-Sport or maybe just maybe an IS-F.
    • I have the 2011 IS350 F-Sport. Unfortunately, the F-Sport factory package normally does not come with the F-Sport accessories. Most likely you will have to add the accessories later. I heard some dealerships will install the exhaust or the springs to the F-Sport package car and then sell the car on the lot though. I personally wish mine had come with the exhaust; that's the one I really want out of all the accessories.  I'm thinking Lexus is naming its sport packages in the Lexus lineup as "F-Sport" even though most people associate "F-Sport" with the accessories. The accessories came out first a few years ago before they had something called the F-Sport package in 2011.
    • wait so for the IS F-Sport models you can still ad the f sway bars and such?
    • Yeah, they are sold separately unless for some reason the dealership already installed the sway bars on the car.
    • Doesn't add up, the whole purpose would be to get these items (some) already install(Socks,springs and sway bar kit and maybe the under-chassis brace) at least. if you added all accessories to an IS350 F-Sport it would be around $54930  tax you might be at 58775ish (@7%)an ISF starts around 62175 so you save a littl more an 7 grand. Nevermind maybe I'll just start looking at CPO ISF's....lol
    • True, it would be cheaper just to get a regular IS350 and outfit it with exactly the stuff you want. Otherwise, yeah, the F-Sport package plus accessories would get closer and closer to new/used ISF pricing. I myself liked the F-Sport package as an appearance package and wanted a new car so I went with it.
    • wow lexus should have made the specs more clear. So the is f-sport comes with a tuned suspension and steering, and you can further enhance the suspension with the sway bars and shocks? Will the regular is handle better is I was to just deck it out with f-sport accessories alot cheaper than getting a f-sport.
    • The F-Sport Package comes with upgraded shocks and springs for its suspension mods. You can add the front and rear sway bars plus the rear chassis brace to complete the package. A regualar IS equipped with the full F-Sport Suspension system (shocks, springs, sways, and chassis brace) will handle more precise than the F-Sport Package version (at least according to the video).
    • So I'm assuming a fully decked out f-sport 350 along with the accessories will handle was well as the ISF. Man this is confusing...
  4. Shows that Lexus has put a lot of thought into performance. This is a good warm-up in development to the redesigned 2014 next year.... BD
  5. Alot of people dont know about the F-Sport IS line. I would bet this car would out handle and out drive the 335i with the M package on the track.
    • 0-60mph the IS350 easily can take on the 335i IS350 is the benchmark for the entry level premium cars.. Check out; http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=aqzUihLhH14
  6. Man if Lexus came out with a updated ISF with the spindle grill and the interior of the gs man I am sold.
  7. is350 comes nowhere close to a 335i  are you nuts?
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLDaC7OqwEg in case you didn't like that one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W64ZDHtyxkI Research dude. Also if Lexus isn't your brand why are reading up if BMW is sooooo much better?
  8. MY RS4 audi B7 went up in flames, so i need to replace with LSF, M3 or a C63, or maybe a second hand GTR????
  9. what ever lexus do to the isf, it will still not be as good, sharp or agile as the BMW M3