Motor Trend Comparison: Lexus GS 450h vs. Porsche Panamera Hybrid vs. Infiniti M35h

Infiniti M35h vs. Lexus GS 450h vs. Porsche Panamera Hybrid

Two weeks after Motor Trend named the Lexus GS 350 F Sport the best midsize V6 luxury sedan, the magazine has now crowned the GS 450h as the top hybrid sports sedan available, beating the Porsche Panamera Hybrid & Infiniti M35h:

…at least as unexpected was the GS’ handling while trailing in the Porsche’s wake. Though much slower, its tail actually drifted, its throttle modulations adeptly fine-tuned its understeer, and its turn-in was sweet. When I figure-eight-tested the car, I actually yelled out, “I can’t believe this is a hybrid!” as it oversteered out of the corners…It’s not nearly as fast as the Porsche, of course, but — hold on here — is it actually out-scoring the Porsche in our three triathlon qualities?

After our comparison drive, editor at large Angus MacKenzie asked me which of these cars I’d really prefer to drive. I responded, “Around a racetrack” — suspecting that’s what he was getting at — “no question, the Porsche. But to the racetrack, the Lexus.”

The sea change over at Motor Trend is astounding — the GS is cleaning up in their comparisons, and proves that Lexus’ strong effort to boost its performance credentials was time well spent. Can’t wait to see if this new-found respect for the GS carries over to other magazines as well.

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