2013 Lexus GS 450h & RX 350 F Sport Pricing Announced

Lexus GS 450h & RX 350 F Sport

U.S. pricing has been announced for both the 2013 Lexus GS 450h and the 2013 RX 350 F Sport.

The GS 450h, which arrives in dealerships in May, will have a base MSRP of $58,950 — meaning there’s no price increase over the model it’s replacing. (Here are the full details on the GS 450h.)

When the all-new RX 350 F Sport arrives in dealerships in July, pricing will start at $47,000, and will include all the features from RX Premium and Comfort packages along with the F Sport upgrades — here’s a rundown of those performance features:

  • Eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters
  • New 19″ alloy wheels with dark graphite finish
  • F Sport front bumper with mesh grille
  • Tuned suspension with front and rear performance dampers
  • Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM)
  • Black leather-trimmed seats with white contrast stitching, black headliner, and aluminum pedals

The rest of the RX lineup will see some minor price increases for the 2013 model year — here’s a chart outlining the changes:

Model Year
Model Name
Price Increase $
Price Increase %
RX 350 FWD
RX 350 AWD
RX 450h FWD
RX 450h AWD

Also announced was a price increase for the 2012 IS, which will be bumped up $200 across all configurations of the model.

Read the full Lexus press release on the GS & RX pricing


  1. The F Sport package price seems more acceptable now. It is still expensive, but when the F Sport parts were offered independently, they seemed a lot more expensive.
  2. I'm glad they didn't actually rise any price. That's the way to conquer!
  3. No RX 450h F-Sport model for the US and Canada??
  4. No price increase??  Oh wow thats sweet.
  5. They should touch up the rear lights or something a bit or make something different in the rear like the 3GSh, it just looks too much like a normal 4GS from the rear to the average eye.