2013 Lexus ES 300h Official Photo Gallery

2013 Lexus ES 300h Photo Gallery

Lexus has released a photo gallery that really shows off the all-new ES 300h:

In the coming days, I’ll be posting the photos I’ve taken here at the New York Auto Show — until then, you can check out the images from my live coverage, or head over to Autoblog for a look at their gallery.


  1. I LOVE IT ! Looks awesome. Love the wide stance and smooth design... and that interior !
  2. What a change! Lexus got it right on the new ES
  3. this will be big hit. i am getting one. any idea on pricing?
  4. Gmt

    Very tidy car
  5. Lexus did a great job with the ES and I got to get one...
  6. Man..  this thing is a beauty..   please give it AWD!!!!
  7. Do anyone realize there's three small White LED as DRL just slightly above of the indicator ? I first saw that on Lexus LFA , back in 2009 .
  8. Love this car, too bad we don't get this in europe. I'm sure it will also attrack GS owners, it sort of looks more like a GS succesor with that roofline. Smart move by Lexus. The new GS is more a complete new modelline than a succesor of the old GS. It will attrackt new buyers but current GS owners might jump model, especially with the increased interior space and much upgraded interior. Any thoughts on this?
    • The biggest difference is that the ES is FWD while the GS is RWD. Those who dont care about RWD vs. FWD might choose the ES over the GS.
    • I know, i own a GS. I chose the GS because it's RWD The last model wasn't exactly perceived as the enthusiast's choice. The new one is marketed as such. Hence my comment.
  9.  Whats the windshield camera/sensor thing for?
  10. RAL

    Once again . . . I did a little adjusting.  Notice above the grille . . .
  11. I like this ES much more than the previous model, but I miss in this new car the double sunroof and I wish that is going to be available with AWD and, I cross the fingers to see this in Europe, so in this case I think that can be a best seller, being competitor of Audi A5 Sportback or Mercedes CLS.
  12. First thoughts -Offer a full leather steering wheel - choice is important - still offer the faux wood one as well. Offer a full leather shift knob - some of us live in areas with extreme heat and cold. Offer an option for a digital clock where the analog one is or consider increasing the size of the GPS screen down to that area. Offer both mouse input and touch screen input for the GPS. Let us know the 0-60 on the hybrid - more important to me than HP. Frankly the wood trim looks forced everywhere - I'd rather just have leather everywhere.