Live Coverage from the New York Auto Show

Lexus ES 350 Teaser

For the next two days, the New York International Auto Show opens its doors to the media, and I’m here at the Javits Center to bring you live Lexus coverage from the show floor.

The big news from Lexus is the debut of the all-new, sixth generation ES, which will be revealed at 11:20 a.m. EDT. I’m also looking forward to seeing the 2013 RX for the first time, plus whatever else Lexus has planned.

On to the live coverage!

Note: Live updates from the New York Auto Show have finished.

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  1. Great Job KREW! Love to hear from you!
  2. And the new ES is simply stunning! [+]
  3. Hybrid version ? (I see a logo ?)
  4. G'day Krew ... will be waiting for your coverage about Lexus, particuarly about the new ES ! Cheers
  5. This is exciting! The ES 350h looks good, very smooth looking. I like it better than those china photos
  6. Thats the ES !? My word it looks good ! Looks very smooth and looks even wide body !
  7. I should run down there so we could get a look at these cars together :)   But I have class at 12 grr 
  8. The photo of the ES looks much better than spy shot. The grille actually looks too small, and should fill that gap below the hoodline. BD
  9. Why does it look as though it sits entirely too low?
  10. Smells like the Camry Hybrid XLE powertrain moves up to Lexus 200HP, 0-60 in under 8 seconds, 40/38 EPA MPG BD
  11. KREW----THANK YOU !   Your shots are fantastic and so clear......the ES looks Magnificent and love the profile....KEEP 'EM COMING !   YOU ARE THE BEST !
  12. interested in ES 300h. can't wait to test drive. when will it be available?
    • Hey lemon397 i am J.Then from lexus of manhattan we should receive the vehicle by september. i can get in contact with you when it comes in to schedule s test drive.
  13. i forgot to thank you for this wonderful update
  14. Great stuff! Enjoy your self at the show Kevin!!!
  15. Thanks for the photos, Krew!! Not bad! I like the overall side view and the low/wide look. I also like how the taillights don't have the amber/orange color in them (unlike the new GS). Hood isn't as bad as it looked in the China photos. I don't like the wheels though.
  16. The Chinese leaked photo made this car look so average. The new ES is definitely a welcomed addition and I like it a lot. Nebula grey IS F makes me not wanna drive the M3 anymore. 
  17. RAL

    Sink me! . . . It is absolutely gorgeous!!!
  18. Are the gas and hybrid really going to have the same wheels? BD
  19. eh, i'm not a fan of the rims. And only 1 cup holder... what am I going to do with both my starbucks and my Evian water.... :/ (insert sarcasm here) can't wait to get to the Auto Show next week!! 
  20. The specification said the 2012 RX350 F-Sport still 6AT .
  21. Who else loves the spindle grille
  22. Does the new 2013 ES really only have 1 cup holder?
  24. If only lexus would've given that hood line a second look and eliminated that annoying front hood line gap...This car couldn't been perfect!
  25. Why only the 8 inch nav screen? this is also really annoying. They pumped up the 12.3 inch GS nav screen and then they do this. irritating. 
  26. RAL

    22 high resolution pictures at:
    • Thanks for the link. After seeing the flv of it, the grille is too small.  It needs to be larger and higher. And the hybrid does have a "Sport" mode for the transmission, just like in the GS. I'm just not sure why....... BD
  27. I'm sorry Lexus GS 2013 but you are might just get discontiued the ES looks abosolutly stunning much better than GS
    • I hope not. The GS in my opinion is a driver's car and looks much better than the new ES. I can understand why Akio Toyoda didn't want a next generation GS. No matter what, the consumer will decide the faith of a vehicle, just like they did with the HS. I know many will argue that the consumers will know the difference between the GS and ES but in reality they don't. Not to an average consumer. Like I've said before on here, I've seen a few cross shop between an IS350, a GS350 and an ES350. They picked the ES because of value and size. What Lexus really needs to do is focus on RWD sedans and let Toyota worry about the FWD sedans. Tomorrow they will reveal the 4th generation Avalon. Will it eclipse the ES is styling? Who knows. All the dealership knows is that the new Avalon will combine Jag and Audi design cues. To be honest, who is the ES competitors? Inifiniti threw the towel in with their Maxima based I30 and the C class, 3 series competes with the IS lineup. I just see a conflict within the Lexus lineup. 
    • The GS looks stunning in person
  28. For the mid-gen facelift in 2016, they can fix the hoodline/grille, and put the exhaust through the rear bumper...... BD
  29. The nav screen is way too small... they need to add the option of the GS's screen.  The hi-res photo look good, don't know if I like it better then the GS... 
  30. F1

    The new ES is seriously stunning.. The interior is amazing!
  31. So how large is the nav screen on the 2013 ES350?  Doesn't appear to be the 12.3" in the GS350.
  32. That is a very elegant car ... i like it heaps. In the past i have not been bothered wether Lexus sold the ES in Australia or not however now i have a competely different tune .... ha, ha, ha !! The new ES really surprised me how good it looks. Infact ... Lexus has been surprising me with thier new language of-late.  GREAT STUFF !!   
    • The car is definitely coming to Australia. It is just a question of if they take it now or mid cycle to avoid crowding the GS, LS and IS launches.
  33. KEM

    Yeah, the nose of the car looks a lot better than it did in the China photos.. And the ES as a whole just looks so AMAZING and luxurious inside and out!  I must say that I think it looks better than the GS.  I was really excited for the spindle grill, but the after the entire GS was revealed I was very underwhelmed.  I passed one on the street today and it looks so ordinary.  And the back of it just looks like the new Corolla... But anyway, if I were to get one of these new ones it would def be the ES.  But I have my heart set on a pre-owned LS.  Want to go all out! Speaking of LS, I wonder if that's coming?? the back of my hand is ITCHING lol
  34. Appreciate the news and coverage from the show.  Hoping the ES continues its reign as the Lexus sedan best seller.  Check out some awesome photos here: Thanks Krew.
    • Pretty amazing how Autoblog can get images up so fast -- wish I could do it so quickly!  That said, I took over 400 photos today, and will be taking at least as many tomorrow. Expect some big photo galleries over the next few days. :-)
    • Good stuff ... will be waiting ! Cheers
  35. Not sure why everybody is using this as an occasion to attack the GS as a lesser design, but the ES needs to fix that grille before it is in league with the GS It's good, but not great. BD
    • I agree, minus the good but not great comment. Even though somethings about the new ES aren't perfect it still looks a million times better than the older models. (07-12 ES 350 models) Its not the new GS but its is still something new for the company and i think its going to be a big success.
  36. I'm eating 'crow',...indeed I complained about the looks of the ES in China, but I'm 180 now, this car is absolutely awesome, the interior, the dash, even the hood line...very nice, elegant and classy, have to see it in person, but I'm aboard now. I'm really feeling the LS look, and I understand they have 'tweaked' the suspension. Can't wait to do a test drive. I agree, the LS must be a killer, because this car has scaled closer to LS 460....Lexus will have a time keeping this one on the lots, I'm thinking seriously about trading up my 09 I was headed toward the GS, not anymore...  .
  37. Interesting to see the new Toyota Avalon also launched. Does it share much mechanically with the ES? The Avalon is made in the US I beleive and Lexus in Japan so possibly not. Looking at the photos of the Avalon, it looks quite nice externally I think but the ES looks much more refined inside. Not sure why someone would go for an Avalon over an ES considering they are quite close in price.
  38. We can comment on your live coverage again!
  39. The ES is nothing but an overpriced Camry.  Its out of place in the Lexus lineup and belongs down in Toyota/Grand-pa land.  Lexus is headed in a good direction with powerful driver oriented vehicles.  The ES is none of the above...