Car & Driver Reviews the 2013 Lexus GS 350 AWD & GS 350 F Sport

Car & Driver Lexus GS ReviewCar & Driver has published a dual-review of the 2013 Lexus GS 350 AWD & GS 350 F Sport, and found both models to have “character that no GS — perhaps no Lexus besides the $380,000 LFA supercar — has exhibited before”.

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  1. That is exactly what Lexus needed. Make a big enough change to have everyone agree it is the best car out there. No wonder we sell them that quick, everybody loves it.
  2. C&D needs to do a full class comparison, now that everyone has put redesigned product out there, and nothing will change in the near future in that class..... BD
  3. This extreme focus on sport is going over the top in my opinion. I honestly cannot picture anyone buying a GS for hardcore sport purposes. These are family cars and most often they'll be driven with other people on board. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to be thrown around inside a car just because the driver wants to have some fun. If I am riding in a GS I want to be driven in a stately and elegant manor. Marketing might emphasize and claim that people want sport in this class, but the reality is that they don't. Hell, even BMW has softened up their 5er because the majority of their customers didn't like the comfort qualities of the E60. And because of this, the new F10 5er is selling better than ever and has broadened its appeal. In that regard, I feel that the Lexus GS might be in a bit of trouble later down the line once people feel it's to sporty and to uncomfortable. Top handling might appeal to enthusiasts in this niche, but how many enthusiasts actually are out there? People complain that "BMW has gone soft". Really? Have they? The way I see it, they're offering the right "driving machines" in the form of the lightweight 1 series and 3 series cars as well as the Z4. Those are cars you can throw around in corners and have fun with. Everything else is just to heavy: the 5er, 7er, 6er etc. are all to heavy to be proper driving machines. They might handle well for their class, but they're certainly not designed to be thrown around on a track. And I agree with BMW. That said, I think Lexus should do the same. The IS and IS coupe are the driving machines in the Lexus lineup. Keep this overdone sport silliness away from the GS. It will not broaden the appeal of the car IMO. Also, these are all overweight and big cars. If you want a capable driving machine in the luxury market, look no further to something like the BMW 1 series. As ugly as it might be, the formula works: RWD, relatively light weight and powerful engines plus the option of a manual transmission. There are other choices (Porsche Boxster, Audi TT etc.) but these are driving machines, not a Lexus GS, or a BMW 5er or an Audi A6 etc. The fact that the Infiniti M sells in such low numbers should be evidence that people find dedicated sport sedans in this class to be unappealing. The M is also criticized for its terrible comfort. In fact I feel that the GS3 was not a bad car. Sure, it looked a tad boring, but it drove nicely and wasn't to sports focused. I think it failed in terms of sales because Lexus never bothered to market it properly - and, because the FWD ES is an more appealing overall package. The ES is roomier, cheaper and better value. FWD/RWD doesn't matter to the average Joe, so in essence the ES stole some of the potential GS3 sales. Just my opinion.
    • RAL

      The new GS supposedly combines excellent drivability without sacrificing comfort.  That said, I think the front should be toned down somewhat so as to correlate with the appearance of rest of the car (the new roof line exudes the classy look, but the gaping hole below the bumper line has the look of the African mouth breeder fish).  The spindle grill could have a look of distinction without being gaudy. The aggressive look (which everybody thinks is so important these days) could still be accomplished without sacrificing the look of refinement . . . like the new LX.  I wonder how many of us old-timers Lexus will lose because of this new styling direction which is to permeate the entire brand.  Could there not have been a more balanced approach as opposed to charging over the cliff?  A Lexus official said the new look is one of "love it or hate it" . . . and they consider that a positive.  How positive will they remain when the newness wears off and they've lost a lot of their older more conservative clientele? . . . I guess the old timers just need to "move on" as BD said.  
    • I for one are hoping Lexus doesnt do the zig-zaging lines on the side of their cars like Audi, Huyndai, Kia and Mercedes etc. are doing these days. If thats the "trendy" way, then I would rather keep my "bland" and "slab-sided" 3 year old Lexus!
    • RAL

      They look like they are trying to, but can't . . .
    • Sounds like the ES is the perfect car for you. There are others like me who want both utility and sportiness in our sedans. I guess that's why Lexus has both the GS and the ES. The ES for those who value supreme comfort over all else and the GS for those who want a blend of both luxury and sportiness.
    • These comments are dead-on correct. The notion that buyers of 4-door sedans at this weight are throwing them into corners and drag racing is just non-sense. I appreciate why Lexus is taking the sportiness of the new GS so seriously but they did have the foresight to retain a smooth, comfortable driving mode. And that is what 'most' buyers will still expect. I test-drove the new GS and it is a Lexus through-and-through. Well appointed interior, comfortable seating, but it can quickly and easily get you down the road. And as for the look of the new GS, when you see it in the flesh, it really does have an appealing stance. Well done Lexus.
  4. C&D is a joke of a magazine. The "whiff of Toyota comment" was plain stupid of a comment to make. Its nothing but a German car fanboy mag and a mediocre one at that...
    • Totally agree with you tremen nothing but a German fanboy blog as soon as I saw that post on the Lexus Gs on that website i was like o o not that for one calling Lexus Toyota is beyond immature because Toyota has an awesome rep around the world so that's just making Lexus look good... They forgetting who makes Audi Volkswagen which no one derives in the states
  5. typical german and american fanboys, never see them complain about the POS corvette that's made of pastic, never see them complain about german cars and there reliability. How many times did Lexus win dependability award and most recently customer service award. Get back in line american and germans. Lexus has made a car that has surpassed german rivals that these dipsh*it reviewers have nothing to say so they come up with some random crap about toyota interiors well audi drivers have volksagon interiors so how about that. They can't accept the fact that the japanese are surpassing germans in every catergory of luxury and performance today.
  6. materials like a corolla? Yeah right, no other magazine have complained about the brush aluminum or whatever that is and any of the materials in the cabin. C+D is so biased against toyota/lexus its not even funny.
    • So biased it is pure hatred remarks for no reason......never do you hear about BMW, MB. AUDI cheap materials and they are running amuck abundantly......LEXUS also FEELS better to the touch and sight. I heard another enthusiast say once that leave the badge off these cars and see who complains about what. One the "L" comes into play the horns come out.....sheer jealousy and spite because they really do understand it is the superior product, Nuff said !
  7. All cars have interiors made of plastic. Audi even has lots of plastic but also has a little bit of leather that actually feels like plastic. Audi cant do leather or wood like Lexus, but they can make any material feel like plastic. Bravo!  
  8. What's important is The People are snapping up the New GS, unlike the Audi Lexus will take high sales with specious reviews all day long...... BD