Two New Lexus F Sport Vehicles to Debut at the Geneva Motor Show

Lexus L Sport Logo

Lexus Europe announced today that two new F Sport vehicles will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March — here’s the exact phrasing from the press release:

The full range of Lexus F SPORT hybrid vehicles will be on display at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, including two new vehicles to be launched in 2012.

Offering customers the opportunity to experience the true spirit of F performance models in a wider range of Lexus models, the F SPORT grade brings bespoke design features and a new depth of driving engagement and ownership satisfaction.

Time for a little sleuthing:

  • With no mention of a new model debut, these new F Sport vehicles would almost have to be performance versions of an existing model.
  • Considering the location of the reveal, the models would have to be available in Europe.
  • I doubt that Lexus would debut F Sport versions of two different models at the same auto show, so the model in question must be available in two variants — namely, hybrid & non-hybrid.

There’s only two potential models that fit the criteria above, and that would be the RX & LS — but considering that the LS is now six years old, and the numerous rumors pointing to a RX F Sport, I know what my guess is:

Lexus RX F Sport rendering

(The above is a rendering from a Japanese car magazine, and not a spy shot.)

Of course, it’s all speculation at this point, but we’ll know soon enough — the Lexus press release at the Geneva Motor Show is scheduled for March 6th at 10:30am CET/4:30am EST.

[Source: Lexus Europe]


  1. These will be the GS F, RX F and CT F. If I am correct, the CT F was never intruced officially in Europe before, so I think it will be the second "new" F Sport modell at Geneve. About the LS, I am preety sure we will see a new one (facelift) this year becasue the LS is not a fresh modell, so it need some change(s).
  2. They did say F-Sport HYBRID vehicles. Since the IS, ES, and LS are waiting for redesigns, they're out. The GS Hybrid doesn't come in F-Sport.  The RX needs the F-Sport, and so does the CT BD
    • I did miss "HYBRID", you're right -- but the GS & CT are already available with F Sport packages (the GSh F Sport is not available in North America).
    • Ok, so CT is out. That leaves RX Hybrid and GS Hybrid (not available as F-Sport) BD
    • Not sure if we're just getting our wires crossed, but the GSh is definitely available with a F Sport package:
    • What? No GSh F-Sport for North America? The biggest market for Lexus AND hybrid models don´t get this model? Someone has to explain this to me....
    •  GSh F-Sport: Here is some pictures
  3. Either a full blown GS-F or no care about the rest.
  4. RX F-Sport ... instead of LS F-Sport , I hope for LX F-Sport .
  5. F Sport shows that Lexus is serious about performance - more than F models do. However, actual F models would be great!
    • How does making F-Sport models over true F models show that lexus is more serious about performance?  LOL!!!!!!!!!   F-Sport is just handling/cosmetic upgrades.... Its a nice middle ground... but they need TRUE F models! 
    • aha Well, I was just considering the fact that anyone can put a big engine into a car, but Lexus is actually trying to make F a more common place name in their lineup.
  6. i guess we will see the facelift RX, RX-F Sport and the CT-F Sport models.
  7. GS F SPORT has already been reported in Europe so it can't be that. Has to be RX F SPORT and LS F SPORT
    • Not a GS F-sport (AKA a GS with a few bits and pieces and a badge). A full fledged GS-F just like the IS-F. I hope you do realize there is a difference between IS-F and an IS F-sport. Yes???
    • Uh, yes, of course.   The communication says F SPORT models.  Dream on for a GS F
  8. I would bet for CT200h F-Sport that, event tough it has been heavily announced,  we have not seen it yet in Europe and obviously the GS F-Sport, since only the "regular" GS450h was shown during Frankfurt motor show last fall.
  9. The RX F-Sport is getting an 8-speed transmission.
  10. I think everyone is missing it here. It'll be the 2013 face lift RX350 with available F-Sport package and RX450h with F-Sport package. It'll get the same mesh grill treatment, fancy wheels and come with the existing Sport Tuned Suspension. I'd like to be wrong and see a GS F but I have come to know Lexus very well and they're not ready for a twin turbo 2UR.
    • They don't need a twin turbo. Twin turbo is merely a way to make cheap horsepower through slapping twin turbos on ANY engine hence distancing the car from racing heritage and feel (no serious racing car ever uses a turbocharger on it). All they need is a proper N/A V8 engine producing 550 HP and a heavily race tuned chassis and suspension for the GS-F and it will be a serious M5 killer. Like I said before, if Lexus does not start treating F as a serious brand in itself rather than a marketing tool of slapping a few bits and pieces and an F-badge on everything and anything, it will not even be noticed. Let alone bought.
    • Thing is that press release states there will be two hybrid F Sport. And since they are hybrid, it can't be the RX350.
    • I think Sebastien nailed it. 2013 face lift RX350 with available F-Sport package and RX450h with F-Sport package.
  11. NEW RX-F Sport [+]
  12. Amazing how surprisingly accurate these can be at times.