More Lexus RX F Sport Rumors

Lexus RX F Sport

Backing up previous rumors out of Australia & Japan, Taiwanese website Autonet is reporting that Lexus plans to release a RX F Sport package this year.

According to Autonet, the RX F Sport would be fitted with a sports suspension (likely based on its existing Sports Package), a mesh grille, 19″ wheels, and a new body kit — or in other words, all the standard Lexus F Sport upgrades.

Should this rumor be true — and at this point, I’m inclined to think it is — a RX F Sport would not only add a new dimension to the Lexus’ best selling vehicle, but would also be another strong signal of the brand’s dedication to its performance reinvention.

(Personally, I like the idea. Balancing out the utility & popularity of the RX with the styling & performance upgrades of a F Sport package makes for an interesting combination, and one that may ultimately draw a different kind of customer to the SUV — I know I’m certainly paying attention.)

[Source: Autonet]