Lexus January 2012 Sales Report


Lexus has reported total sales of 12,274 units for the first month of 2012, which is a 4.6% drop compared to last January — here are the model-by-model stats:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2012 2011 % CHG* 2011 2010 % CHG*
CT 1,025 0 N/A 1,025 0 N/A
HS 152 286 ‐46.9 152 286 ‐46.9
IS 1,810 1,992 ‐9.1 1,810 1,992 ‐9.1
ES 2,410 2,215 8.8 2,410 2,215 8.8
GS 93 323 ‐71.2 93 323 ‐71.2
LS 573 734 ‐21.9 573 734 ‐21.9
SC 2 7 ‐71.4 2 7 ‐71.4
LFA 4 4 0.0 4 4 0.0
Total Cars 6,069 5,561 9.1 6,069 5,561 9.1
RX 5,038 5,881 ‐14.3 5,038 5,881 ‐14.3
GX 878 1,135 ‐22.6 878 1,135 ‐22.6
LX 289 283 2.1 289 283 2.1
Total Trucks 6,205 7,299 ‐15.0 6,205 7,299 ‐15.0
Total Sales 12,274 12,860 ‐4.6 12,274 12,860 ‐4.6

Can’t imagine this is the way Lexus wanted to start off the new year — here’s what GM Mark Templin had to say during the monthly sales call:

We sold 12,274 vehicles, down 4.6 percent from last January. While SUV sales were down 15 percent due to low inventory, our car sales were up 9 percent.

If you remember, we said we’d launch nine new or updated models plus three F SPORT vehicles this year. Well, three of those new arrivals are at dealerships now [2013 LX, GS & GS F Sport].

With Lexus model production reaching normal levels in October and the RX manufacturing boost in Canada during the fourth quarter, it’s strange to see inventory come up as an issue again — however, when you consider that the 11,508 RX sales in December comes close to eclipsing total Lexus sales this month, it stands to reason that there would be some RX dealership shortages.

On a more positive note, CT sales continue to impress — the model is definitely holding up the overall numbers with its success and proves there’s room in the U.S. market for a luxury hatchback. Of course, there’s also the February launch of the new 2013 GS to look forward to — though there’s likely to be a slow rollout as dealerships build up stock, and I don’t really expect the GS to significantly impact sales numbers until March.

[Source: Lexus USA]


Lexus Canada has reported a 11.3% sales increase for January, with 810 total Lexus sales.

[Source: Lexus Canada]

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  • A
  • February 1, 2012
Is this the numbers of the contarcts, or the numbers of the delivered cars (to the custumers)? Sorry for my english.
    • A
    • February 1, 2012
    • K
    • February 1, 2012
    This is the number of vehicles sold to customers.
  • J
  • February 1, 2012
according to the quote from Mark, three new F sport versions?  Besides the GS (obvious) what are the other 2?  RX?
    • A
    • February 1, 2012
    CT, RX, GS
  • M
  • February 1, 2012
So instead of selling highly profitable cars like LS or GS, Lexus sells cheap CT.
  • S
    Shane From Australia
  • February 1, 2012
People have got to stop whinging about Lexus sales and unfortunately (for now), suck it up because truth be told - the Lexus range is aging in the face of many new products from BMW, Benz and Audi. However ... don't be disheartened because as with the regular Toyota brand - many new and refreshed models will be arriving over the coming months particuarly traditional volumn sellers such as the IS, ES and RX and as they gradually make it to market you will see an upturn in monthly sales at Lexus. For the time being, grin and bare it however i reserve no hesitation that by years end it will be vastly different story ... mark my words !!
  • D
  • February 1, 2012
New models need to be launched sooner rather than later
Tough month to spin, as Mercedes (20k) and BMW (16k) easily set the pace Q1 will be of little value to the New GS.  It shouldn't make much of a mark until April. There may be an effect from it gaining public knowledge that Lexus is turning over the lineup.  Putting the 2013 Ford Fusion on their website didn't help Fusion sales this month (14k) BD
  • J
  • February 1, 2012
Sales are also down as repeat customers await the arrival of the all new 2013 GS... Let's see how many GS units get sold in Febuary.. They go on sale officially this Monday 2/6/12, here in the USA.
    • F
      Fred Ekermann
    • March 2, 2012
    When does delivery of the new GS start in the US?
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  • C
  • February 2, 2012
I think these numbers are reasonably good when you think of all the new models that are about to be introduced. IS, ES, LS and especially GS sales will be affected by upcoming new models. I think it might be overly ambitious to think that Lexus can regain the #1 position in the US market this year given the transition that is happening in the car side. 2013 will be the year to judge the success of the new products.