Lexus October 2011 Sales Report

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Lexus USA have reported their October numbers — total sales across all models were 18,092 units, down 10.9% as compared to this month last year:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2011 2010 % CHG* 2011 2010 % CHG*
ES 4,300 5,153 -13.3 31,260 39,113 -20.1
CT 1,511 0 N/A 10,363 0 N/A
HS 205 792 -73.1 2,383 8,754 -72.8
LS 1,186 1,202 2.5 7,558 9,489 -20.3
SC 0 15 -100.0 18 298 -94.0
GS 266 557 -50.4 3,346 5,796 -42.3
IS 2,640 3,096 -11.4 23,364 27,790 -15.9
LFA 4 0 N/A 48 0 N/A
Total Cars 10,112 10,815 -2.9 78,340 91,240 -14.1
LX 266 401 -31.1 2,578 2,996 -14.0
GX 1,023 1,306 -18.7 9,314 12,828 -27.4
RX 6,691 8,569 -18.9 63,507 76,465 -16.9
Total Trucks 7,980 10,276 -19.4 75,399 92,289 -18.3
Total Sales 18,092 21,091 -10.9 153,739 183,529 -16.2

With production levels finally returning to normal, this was not the kind of sales month I was expecting — here’s what Lexus USA General Manager Mark Templin had to say in the monthly sales conference call:

Our sales for the month were 18,092, and, on a volume basis, we were up more than 20 percent from last month when the rest of the luxury industry will be down from September. Now that we’re back in full production, we had strong showings from some of our key models.

RX sales increased 30 percent from a month ago and the LS saw its best month of the year, even outselling October of last year. Also, the CT is continuing to exceed our expectations and sell at 150 percent of our initial projections.

But perhaps the best news for Lexus is that our production has increased and we have a good, healthy inventory as we head into our most important time of the year.

In order to get things moving in the right direction, Templin also announced that the annual “December to Remember” sales event would be starting early this year, with holiday incentives in place right now.


Lexus Canada have reported their October 2011 sales, which are up 0.7% over last year. Models that have seen the most gain are the RX 350, which has seen a 22.5% increase, and the IS 250/350, which is up 18.2%.

[Source: Lexus]


Lexus sales in Japan hit 4,308 units in October 2011, a 108.3% increase over October 2010. This brings Lexus up to 36,328 sales on the year — a 21.8% jump over the 2010 numbers.

[Source: TTAC]


  1. This is what happens when you have aging lineup. SC, GS and IS replacements are desperately needed.
    • Fgg

      THis is what happens when you don't market much and do not offer strong incentives.. THe Germans have leanred what the Japanese did in 1990 and that is heavy marketing.. so they sell more..
  2. What's wrong with Lexus, they have managed to beat everyone when they still were new for 10 consecutive years, but now they cannot beat BMW and Mercedes for even a month.. And what's with Mark Templin saying that Lexus may never claim the sales crown, what kind of person says that? Now that inventory is back to 100%, Lexus doesn't have an excuse if they don't at least outsell both BMW n Benz by at least 10000 cars in November and December
  3. I still wonder about the HS sales numbers!! What´s going on with this hybrid? inventory? Wrong price? size of the car? What do you mean "krew"? Would it be better for Toyota/Lexus in the US market too bring this hybrid as a "Toyota on the market"? To offer people a smaller car below the Camry Hybrid?
  4. This might possibly reflect the fact that Lexus simply doesn't compete in lots of market segments. For 2012 BMW will have 1-series, X1, 3-series (sedan, coupe, wagon), X3, Z4, 4-series, 5-series (sedan, GT, wagon), X5, 6-series, X6, and 7-series.  Lexus doesn't bother with over half these body shapes and sizes, so what can you expect? Sales decline. C'mon guys - speed it up a little.
    • i second that....CT needs to be offered as a sedan, IS misses an "true" cóupe on every market around the world, Lexus doesn´t offer "any kind of" roadster until today and it would be nice to have a smaller SUV in the lineup than the RX.
  5. I agree with many of the statements above....however, these issues were considered a strength two years ago.(Not because it was right, but they were still #1 in sales)    Lexus didn't have to give incentives, so the values of the cars didn't drop as much of the others when you drove it off the lot.....they didn't have an excess of products that took away from other products....ect.     What's wrong with lexus is in my opinion they are not making models exteriors current to today's preferences.  Look at the GX.  Its only been out for 2 years and already has almost 30% decline year to year.   How does that happen? (I know, because it is ugly and the previous GX 470 looks better and is more powerful then the new one, even though it has 30 Less horsepower)   The only marketing I see Lexus doing on billboards and print is pictures of a $500K car that hardly anyone will ever see, let alone own.    Not to throw Krew under the bus....but all I see when I get on this website are article after article of the LFA.    Just like successful businesses that loose focus of what the customer wants.  Lexus owners dont want a supercar, they want vehicles that are superior to Mercedes, BMW, Landrover, ect. but be about $5-$10K less and have excellent reliability.   Now the LS is the same price as the BMW 750 and BMW covers all repairs and maintenance for the first 50K for free while Lexus charges about $200-500.00 every 5K.  So now who is giving the better deal.  People who buy $80K cars usually are not stupid and do their math.       Hyundai is now what lexus was 30 years ago.   They are providing the genesis, equus (sp?) just like when Lexus came out with the ls400 and those cars are easily $10-20K less then the Lexus plus they offer free warranties up to 100k.    My last thought is Lexus isn't doing their homework when it comes to dealership locations.  How is it Lexus does not have a dealership in Hilton Head Island, next door to BMW, Landrover, Mercedes Benz, and Infiniti, where all retired people drive around $80K cars for fun like my grandfather, but has a dealership in Chatham, Georgia,(Savannah) an hour away from Hilton Head, where the unemployment rate just in that city is above 15%?           
    • F1

      oafy44 I completely agree with you.. Lexus is loosing their plot and they're losing what made them so successfull when they first started.. They should just lower the price and undercut Germans.. They should market more cars, LFA is nice but seriously for Lexus a waste of money.. Instead they should of spent the money improving their lineup.. I don't see Lexus claiming the top spot next year either