Next-Generation Lexus IS Rumors

Lexus IS Rumors

Taiwanese website Autonet is speculating that the next-generation Lexus IS will debut at the Los Angeles auto show this year, ahead of a mid-2013 release — here’s a summary of what else they had to say:

  • The existing 2.5L & 3.5L V6 engines will be carried over and mated with an eight-speed transmission.
  • A 2.5L, four-cylinder hybrid will also be offered as the IS 300h (which would line up with an Australian trademark discovered late last year).
  • The IS will be offered as a sedan, convertible, and a wagon.

It all sounds reasonable enough to be true — considering the new GS, it was unlikely that the next-generation IS would debut with new engines, and I would say an IS hybrid is a virtual certainty. In fact, if it wasn’t for the inclusion of a project code (400A) and exact measurements (4590 × 1795 × 1430mm), I would just chalk this rumor up to common sense speculation.

(One thing that’s missing is any mention of a coupe, which is something the IS range needs more than any other variant — beyond updating the existing models, an IS coupe should be a top priority for the Lexus lineup.)

[Source: Autonet (translated) via]